This is the real far-right and they hate me

Recently I published a long and carefully written essay about the real far-right. The essay serves as my definition of real far-right because the mainstream media, driven by the far-left, seeks to define almost everything they don’t like as far-right. Laughably, that includes Tommy Robinson and even an indigenous Jew like me.

My method of recognising the far-right today starts with how they regard Judaism, Jews and Israel. If they view all three in a highly negative way, and unashamedly negative in the case of Jews and Judaism, then they’re probably far-right to me. For those who only claim to be against Israel (or Zionism) whilst pretending not to be bigoted toward Jews, they’re probably left or mainstream.

This single paragraph has set literally a few twitter far-right accounts ablaze so it’s worth unpacking. As I was writing a long essay I didn’t labour certain points as hard as I could have.

Regardless of how the mass inflow of mostly Commonwealth and Pakistani immigrants caused problems of assimilation, it did force Britain to confront the ugly reality of racism. As much as ‘anti-racism’ has been exploited by the Marxist left to undermine patriotism, Britain should be proud of the steps it took to counter racism and today I don’t think of Britain as a deeply racist society. All are children of the Empire. The biggest resurgence of dangerous racism today comes from the UK Labour Party.

The first sub clause:
Regardless of how the mass inflow of mostly Commonwealth and Pakistani immigrants caused problems of assimilation,”

Mass immigration, mostly from the Commonwealth then from Europe, has caused assimilation problems. I’m firmly of the belief that many groups of immigrants have assimilated generally well, one ideology has not. As I pointed out a few lines later “Britain was once an almost exclusively white country”, it was the mass immigration following WWII that exposed Britain to new races. Even though Hollywood films like “The Finest Hour” fictionally insert black faces into scenes for the sake of diversity, there were barely any non-whites living in the UK in 1939. I know this.

The end of the first sentence:
“it did force Britain to confront the ugly reality of racism.

Importing visually different races into Britain in large numbers definitely brought out visible racism. Prior to that there was also racism and animosity to other outsider populations (like Jews in the East End even though many “looked” white).

Second sentence:
As much as ‘anti-racism’ has been exploited by the Marxist left to undermine patriotism, Britain should be proud of the steps it took to counter racism and today I don’t think of Britain as a deeply racist society.

And in this follow on sentence I express what I clearly believe: Britain today is not a highly racist place, no matter how much the far-left scream and point. So many of the people who support Tommy are not racists, have mixed families and are not hateful of gays either. Gay hatred is also a defining feature of the far-right.

That might be why the first sentence has led to howls of horror from the actual tiny minority of racists and gay haters that do exist. Somehow people managed to think that I was in praise of mass immigration. If you paraphrase the sign on the entrance to Auschwitz as your screen name on twitter, I’d say you’re putting yourself firmly into my definition of racist, Jew hating far-right.

Finishing the paragraph:
All are children of the Empire. The biggest resurgence of dangerous racism today comes from the UK Labour Party.

One of my proof readers gave me the line about children of Empire: as a rebellious Jew living in a country that regained its freedom by fighting that Empire, I no longer see myself as a child of that Empire. Nevertheless, the last part indicates my firm belief that no matter how many racists and Jew haters attack me on twitter, the far bigger societal problem in the UK today is far-left racism and Jew hatred as epitomised by Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

Interestingly, back at the beginning of my involvement with the EDL and Tommy Robinson, the EDL did not talk about immigration. Tommy’s rarely talked about immigration except to point out his family are partly immigrants. That’s one core reason why the racists and anti-immigrant groups hate him so much and former BNP leader Nick Griffin has attacked Tommy for years.

This retweet by Dalai Carl, of Diversity Macht Frei’s tweet above, seems to think racism would be justified because British “children were being systematically gang-raped by P*** M******”. In over a decade of writing and talking about this issue, ever since I first became aware of it from the EDL web forums and before it was widely publicised, I’ve know that race plays very little role in the Jihad Rape epidemic.

This is why in video after video I stress that it is not gangs of “Asians” or “Pakistani Asians” we need to concern ourselves with. Race isn’t the defining issue, ideology is the issue. This cuts to the centre of why I saw the EDL and Tommy Robinson as something absolutely brand new and largely unique in the UK.

Tommy and the organisation he gave rise to were focused on the details of Islamic ideology and its impact on non Muslims in the UK. Not whites: non Muslims including Jews, Sikhs, Hindus and yes, white British too. They did not talk about, nor concern themselves with, immigration or with race and they didn’t hate gays either. This contrasted starkly with the racists and gay haters from organisations like the British Nationalist Party (BNP) at that time.

And when I’m tweeted at by people who say “Racism is healthy” and link to tired conspiracy theories of how Jews (and only Jews) are to blame for mass immigration, I know I’m absolutely correct in which side of this I’m on. As ever it’s flattering to be told how amazingly powerful my people are, but it just doesn’t add up and everyone who believes this stuff ends up being personally unsuccessful (probably because of a Jewish conspiracy, right?).

If anybody (except the racist Jew haters) has read this far, you’ll understand that I (and by extension Tommy Robinson) are hated so much by the racists and Jew haters precisely because we are not racist and won’t blame or hate Jews!

I conclude with this final tweet because it shows exactly the attitude which revolts me and anyone associating with people like this is dead to me. After the years I’ve worked on supporting Tommy’s efforts to highlight the Jihad rape gangs, the work I’ve done with Peter McLoughlin and many other things I don’t need affirmation from these people.

Ezra Levant flies around the world for a one hour meeting to check Tommy is OK, Avi Yemini and I are working tirelessly to help him. If we’re hated by racists, Jew haters, neo-Nazis and anyone who wants to join their small team, We’re obviously doing something right.

Jews like 
 couldn't give two fucks about what's happening to English girls all over this country, they only want the goyim fired up to support their ethnostate in Israel.

Fucking scum.

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I won’t abide anyone who thinks Hitler was right

1. White Racial integrity

2. Blame the Jews

The “granite pillars” of
real far-right

A few weeks ago I was in a debate with an avowed British Nationalist who focuses all his attention on two main points: the white racial integrity of Great Britain and a strong belief that the only reason “his” white country has non-white immigrants is because of a deep Jewish conspiracy. These are the two essential planks of a particular world view and this incredibly sticky belief system continues to attract a loyal following.

The evidence that Jews control the world and that all Jews must be in on this scheme, no matter how they present themselves in public, stems mostly from the notorious forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and a deeply disingenuous and vast body of literature containing quotes from “The Talmud”. This ideology believes that all Jews, no matter how observant or secular, are hiding a great deal of evil stuff in the Talmud and that websites have managed to correctly translate and decode it all to find the hidden commandments to do evil things to “white” people.

First published in English in 1920, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is one of the most controversial books of all the time. It outlines what appears to be a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy for world domination and was almost immediately dismissed as a “forgery” not only by the Jewish community but by most official sources as well.
The origins and authorship of the Protocols are shrouded doubt. We know they were first published in Russian in 1905 by Sergei Nilus, who claims they were given to him by a friend who stole them from a secret Freemason meeting in France.
But what is most striking about the Protocols is their incredible predictive power. In 1921 Henry Ford said, “The only statement I care to make about the Protocols is that they fit in with what is going on. They are 16 years old, and they have fitted the world situation up to this time.” This is as true today as it was a century ago.
For The Protocols: Centenary Edition, Simon Harris has taken the best of the three original translations by George Shanks, Natalie de Borgory and Victor Marsden and created a tighter more comprehensible version for the 21st century.
For anyone who wants to understand how today’s world got into its current state, The Protocols: Centenary Edition really is essential reading.
Simon Harris’s edition of the Protocols of The Elders of Zion, the description of the book makes it clear that he doesn’t accept that this was a forgery.

Some followers of mine may remember I used to do a regular YouTube video with Simon Harris. Following our chats, mostly about Israeli, Jewish, British and Catalan identities, he plunged deep into the same world as Mark Collett and now edits and publishes updated versions of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, apparently finding much that reinforces his own beliefs in that notorious, fictional creation.

Once you build your world view on a foundation of lies, the same lies which Hitler quotes in Mein Kampf, you’re pretty much locked into a path that leads to dark places. In Winston Churchill’s incredibly succinct and brief summary of Mein Kampf in The Gathering Storm, these are the elements of Hitler’s beliefs about Jews Churchill chose to highlight:

  • Man is a fighting animal; therefore the nation, being a community of fighters, is a fighting unit. 
  • Any living organism which ceases to fight for its existence is doomed to extinction. 
  • A country or race which ceases to fight is equally doomed. The fighting capacity of a race depends on its purity. Hence the need for ridding it of foreign defilements.
  • The Jewish race, owing to its universality, is of necessity pacifist and internationalist. Pacifism is the deadliest sin; for it means the surrender of the race in the fight for existence.
  • The first duty of every country is therefore to nationalise the masses; intelligence in the case of the individual is not of first importance; will and determination are the prime qualities.

Remember, those words are Winston Churchill’s summary of Hitler’s Mein Kampf (I’m much more comfortable quoting Churchill than Hitler).

#Churchill was not a hero!
Mark Collett: #Churchill was not a hero!

Mark Collett is also not a big fan of Winston Churchill. Even though some have tried to claim Winston Churchill didn’t like Jews, what you find when you dig into it is that Churchill correctly identified that he didn’t like those Jews who were involved in Communism. He was pretty clear about not launching into racist attacks on Jews (or anyone really) purely on account of race. Churchill writes:

There can be no greater mistake than to attribute to each individual a recognisable share in the qualities which make up the national character. There are all sorts of men – good, bad and, for the most part, indifferent – in every country, and in every race. Nothing is more wrong than to deny to an individual, on account of race or origin, his right to be judged on his personal merits and conduct. In a people of peculiar genius like the Jews, contrasts are more vivid, the extremes are more widely separated, the resulting consequences are more decisive.

Zionism versus Bolshevism – A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People – February 8, 1920 by Winston Churchill

That comes from a controversial essay, as it is often quoted and misquoted because it does discuss Jewish involvement in the Bolshevik revolution (those claims refuted by Richard Langworth here). It was also written before the Protocols had been conclusively proved to be a forgery.

“Jewish involvement in
everything I don’t like
and a blindness to any Jews
working on something I do like

A Jew haters’ world view

But this does bring us to an especially important part of the world view of the Jew hating far-right: “Jewish involvement in everything I don’t like and blindness to any Jews working on something I do like”. Without trying to refute every claim made, the big one is that Jews are responsible for Communism (via the Bolshevik revolution). Even Winston Churchill in his 1920 essay linked above, falls into this trap.

The following 1947 essay by By Eugene Lyons (preserved for us by another great foot soldier in the counter Jihad movement, Andy Bostom) is an excellent refutation of the Jewish communism myth which even Churchill in 1920 had been taken in by:

In the fight against communism, American Jews—writers, labor leaders, public figures, Jewish organizations and the Jewish press have played a leading and effective role, far out of proportion to their numbers in our population.

If, despite this, the silly myth of “Jewish communism” persists in some quarters, it only proves the extent of human credulity. It is a myth brought to full flower by Nazi propaganda, part of the evil heritage of Hitlerism. People familiar with the history of Bolshevism are inclined to dismiss it contemptuously as too grotesque to be refuted. I share their contempt, but I am convinced that the nonsense should be thoroughly and openly debunked. The malicious legend that Jews are somehow to blame for communism in Russia and its fifth column here is a weapon in the armory of intolerance. With the pendulum of American sentiment swinging against everything Soviet abroad and at home, there is danger that weak and prejudiced minds may translate anti-communism into antisemitism.


In the actual revolution of 1917, a galaxy of brilliant Jews emerged in the Bolshevik camp—Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Radek, Uritzky, Litvinov and others. Because their counterrevolution against Kerensky’s democratic regime succeeded, history has magnified these names until they seem to fill the whole stage of that period. The anti-Jewish propaganda conveniently forgets that Jews were even more numerous and more prominent in the Menshevik and Social Revolutionary camps—in the groups, that is, opposing Bolshevism. Within the Bolshevik high command, Jews were always a distinct minority. The founders of the party and its most active leaders from 1903 to 1908 were Lenin, Malinovsky, Skvortzev-Stepanov, Vorovsky, Professor Pokrovsky, Bonch-Bruchevich. Rumyantzev—not a Jew among them.

Eugene Lyons–“The Myth of Jewish Communism”, April, 1947: Full Text and Brief Background

A direct consequence of this warped and jealous world view is a desire to believe every possible piece of bad/fake news about Israel and the behaviour of Jews in Israel (our only country). This leads these people to revere and quote every single negative story from violently left wing sources like Israel’s far-left Ha’aretz newspaper (which is a primary source of negative Israel stories for The Guardian or the New York Times). They believe everything in Ha’aretz and the BBC about Israel despite railing against these same outlets for ignoring “white genocide” or downplaying the effects of immigration into western nations.

Add to this an almost obsessive examination of highly fringe activities performed by, at most, a minority of a small minority of Jews (mostly around circumcision). They will also cast the sins of any prominent Jews (Jeff Epstein, Bernie Madoff etc) across the entirety of Judaism.

All of this is to deal with the “blame the Jews” part of the Simon Harris / Mark Collett world view. I have no problem saying that there is an enormous battle going on in the west between sovereign nations and a movement to form a globalist “one world” system. I also have no problem noting that Jews are in that fight on both sides. It is only those blinded by this peculiarly sticky desire to hate Jews, who can’t understand that being Jewish isn’t the only way to understand that person’s actions.

The other part “racial purity” I’ll deal with a little more quickly.

I’m of the opinion that we need to judge people by their actions. Actions are much more deeply affected by ideology, culture and values (all of which we learn from our parents and the society we grow up in) rather than the accidents of our genes and the colour of our skins. Britain was once an almost exclusively white country.

It would appear had the British people ever been asked they would have requested a much lower level of immigration. That request was never clearly asked and no viable mainstream political voice ever offered such a choice. A point eloquently made by Douglas Murray in his book, “The Strange Death of Europe” .

But poll after poll did show that a majority were deeply worried about what all this meant for the country and its future. In spite of this, even the mildest attempts by the political class to raise these issues (such as a 2005 Conservative election campaign poster suggesting ‘limits’ on immigration) were condemned by the rest of the political class, with the result that there was still no serious public discussion.

Douglas Murray. The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam. Bloomsbury Publishing.

If Mark Collett thinks Britain’s answer today is paying black and brown people to leave the UK so he can have the prized “white ethno state” he seeks, he can advocate for that. As always with this point of view, when people cannot be “encouraged” to leave with money, at what point do people with this view use more dangerous coercion? People must decide for themselves whether Mr Collett’s very carefully chosen public words can be taken at face value.

If Simon Harris (and his new disciple Shazia Hobbs) want to promote century old forgeries that have led humans to commit horrible crimes against humanity in the past, that should be their right in the free world. However, I won’t be involved with helping them spread this Jew hating, racist nonsense. As the West continues to polarise, this evil nonsense may well gain currency – indeed it clearly is doing so – but I will not associate with anyone complicit in this evil.

Regardless of how the mass inflow of mostly Commonwealth and Pakistani immigrants caused problems of assimilation, it did force Britain to confront the ugly reality of racism. As much as ‘anti-racism’ has been exploited by the Marxist left to undermine patriotism, Britain should be proud of the steps it took to counter racism and today I don’t think of Britain as a deeply racist society. All are children of the Empire. The biggest resurgence of dangerous racism today comes from the UK Labour Party.

I’ve directed a lot of effort since 2001 at understanding Islam. Looking deep inside to see what is within it that makes it such a formidable cultural super power and which produces repetitive patterns of behaviour in followers that negatively impact the lives of non Muslims. I’ve achieved a great deal of personal clarity on this. Not for one second of all that did I view all Muslims as inherently evil by dint of their birth.

In fact I’m pre-disposed to hold in the highest regard the opinions (on Islam especially) of those born and raised to be Muslim who subsequently eschew the brain washing and either pick another faith or none. I can say with personal certainty my knowledge of the broad range of Islamic history and, more importantly, the stories they teach their kids, lets me understand societal changes experienced by countries in the West which refuse to deal with Islam honestly.

Many in the counter Jihad movement are Jews, a disproportionate number in fact. It might have something to do with the realisation that Israel is on the front line of the global Jihad. Some of us have backed Tommy Robinson since a long time before most of you had heard of him. Many have joined and stayed along the way. The only thing we (and Tommy) can’t abide in this movement is anyone with even the slightest belief that Hitler was right.

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Podcast says John Sweeney is just as far right and racist as Tommy Robinson

BrianofLondon's Forest Talks
BrianofLondon's Forest Talks
Podcast says John Sweeney is just as far right and racist as Tommy Robinson

You have to watch the first minute of the video to see why I KNOW Tommy Robinson is NOT far right or a racist!

Facebook Status about John Sweeney and Tommy Robinson

I put out a Facebook status yesterday with that same, provocative, first sentence and before even reading the second sentence I was getting angry comments!

Of course I know Tommy Robinson is not racist and I know he’s not far-right. I’ve known this from the first time I came across him a long time ago and because, unlike these arseholes in the mainstream press, I’ve spent time getting to know who he is!

Tommy Robinson and Brian of London, Tel Aviv, November 2016
Tommy Robinson and Brian of London, Tel Aviv, November 2016

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