Podcast explains why I debated Mark Collett about Israel, Zionism and the myth of a Jewish ethno-state

BrianofLondon's Forest Talks
BrianofLondon's Forest Talks
Podcast explains why I debated Mark Collett about Israel, Zionism and the myth of a Jewish ethno-state

On Tuesday night I took part in a 2 hour YouTube Hangout debating Israel, white nationalism and ethno-states with Mark Collett and other people at the invitation of Joseph from the Israel Advocacy Network. Joseph took down his live stream copy and replaced it with a short explanatory video.

These are my follow up comments on the debate. Below the video I’ll post the comment I put on 3Speak when I posted the complete video yesterday evening and you can find that at the link. This video is a disection of who Mark Collett is, my interpretation of his views and how he puts them forward.

To answer a specific set of questions being thrown at me on Twitter (which I don’t address in the video), I don’t give a damn what colour Jews in Israel are. I’m unconcerned at nonsense such as “would I care if Israel become a majority black state”. I’m unconcerned by the skin colour but I’m deeply concerned that Israel remain Jewish which probably means a Jewish majority (no matter what skin colour we all are) and that the dominant culture and basis for law remain Jewish. Where we draw the boundaries on religious observance remains ours to debate. I don’t like Jews marrying out of Judaism but I don’t see that it is the role of a government to stop it.

I don’t foresee or necessarily advocate for a removal of non-Jews from the country, so long as those who remain do so under the strict knowledge that they are in a Jewish country and that any desire to change that most basic nature of the country is not to be tolerated.

This is what I posted alongside the full debate video.

This debate was organised by Joseph of the Israel Advocacy Network who invited me on it. With some hesitation I agreed to take part despite knowing exactly who Mark Collett is and what he says. I’m also pretty familiar with his (real) neo-Nazi audience.

I knew he’d bring along a bunch of ridiculous and skewed Ha’aretz and Guardian articles (he had all the ones I expected) and his usual grab bag of updated versions of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and Culture of Critique.

The live chat was a cesspool and I believe the chat caused the original to be removed.

As bad as Mark is and what he represents, I don’t believe he will ever achieve great success or reach. He’ll speak to his crowd of devoted followers but going through life blaming Jews for everything you don’t have will never be a successful strategy. Sure you can take Poland with a tank or two but eventually, with a bit of luck, freedom and sanity will win over again.

For the main reason that Mark’s views are not mainstream anywhere in any semblance of authority, I don’t regard them as a serious existential threat (and no, Orban, Salvini, the AFD and other on the new right in Europe aren’t as bad as Mark). The far-left and Islam run countries, academia and the media: that’s a real threat.

Joseph has posted a short video explaining why his version of the live chat has gone down but as the alt-right and the neo-Nazis are posting the video in full, for the record, so will I. I don’t believe Mark made his points to anything but his own audience and I’ll explain more in my own video soon.

So here it is, unedited and up on an immutable block chain site.

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Brian, why wouldn’t you throw anti-Semitism at Mr Collett? He wants to exterminate you and your entire race for being Jewish. You (and Joseph Cohen) weren’t exposing evil as Joseph Cohen claimed was the purpose of the livefeed, you were enabling evil. At the end of the livefeed you both played into the ‘Mr Reasonable’ routine he pulled by treating him as a well intentioned person who was just misguided. Collett’s purpose was to promote Jew hate and to use you as useful idiots to help him do it. That said, the fact that Mr Collett has neither uploaded the… Read more »


Tommy Robinson is repulsed by what Mark Collett stands for? You are so dangerously naive. If he’s repulsed, why is the deeply anti-Semitic with the article to prove it Shazia Hobbs still writing for TR News? Why did he have the Holocaust denier Simon Sideways with him on the campaign trail? Why are close associates of his like Lucy Brown hugger mugger with Mark Collett? Why does he big up BNP MkII Britain First? And various other ‘whys’? There’s only one reason why people hate Jews. It’s because they hate God. They’re evil. Do you really think Mark Collett could… Read more »


I watched a short bit of the livestream and it was unpalatable. Mark on the one side blaming the Jews for apparently everything (that’s not to say that there aren’t some that are guilty of what he says) and on the other, someone calling him racist for apparently everything. The same guy was calling was calling Tommy Robinson racist and that is a low intellect argument. Additionally, virtually everyone seemed to be talking past each other and not addressing Mark’s points. He would talk about X and the other person would talk about Y in response. As a result, I… Read more »


There were some good moments when Joseph Cohen really did lay bare what a Jew hating fraud Mark Collett is, and to an extent from Brian as well, but they both ended the feed treating Mr Collett like a well intentioned but misguided person, playing into Mr Collett’s ‘Mr Reasonable’ routine. He’d shove Brian and Joseph in a gas oven in a shot if he had the chance, but they both normalised him. It seems though Mr Collett thinks he has more to lose than gain from the feed. He hasn’t put it up on youtube or bitchute. One spinoff… Read more »


“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.”

Aside from your comments about Mark Collett, I can’t take your post seriously. “TR will let his far right associates who do hate Jews shove Brian, Ezra and Avi into the gas ovens.” Really? That strikes me as somewhat hyperbolic.

The whole video was such a childish affair that I switched off after an hour, I guess.

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