Podcast talks Podping with Taskmaster and CTP Jon

BrianofLondon's Forest Talks
BrianofLondon's Forest Talks
Podcast talks Podping with Taskmaster and CTP Jon

Last night I did a marathon two hour livestream with @taskmaster4450 and @jongolson talking all about Podping and Hive. It was epic. I played a few clips from some other podcasts, that didn’t work out so well as I can hear now on playback but I’ll put links to the real clips below. You can watch the video on 3speak or listen to the audio either on their podcast Cryptomaniacs or here.

While we were talking I received a number of big votes on the funding proposal I have on the DHR for which I’m hugely grateful. Those put me passed the return proposal and a few minutes after the end, another one of the whales tipped me above the DHF buy back so the Podping proposal is now funded. Feel free to vote on it if you still haven’t.

The point of the funding proposal is not just about money: I’ve detailed what I’m going to do with that and almost all of it is staying on Hive and much of it will be powered up. The other thing it does is showcase to a non Hive audience of developers and influential people in the Podcast industry, that Hive supports this project and that is hugely valuable.


Brian has 8m Hive… and all about Dave buying and powering up Hive on Blocktrades.

Vitalik Buterin talking about discovering Podcasts during Corona lockdown.

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I’m pushing 3speak and Steem because I believe in them

It’s been quiet here. Videos and podcasts will return soon. Meanwhile I’m now very much more involved in promoting the 3speak video site (follow them on twitter, hint hint). I’ve been uploading my videos there for a while and earning from them. But not just 3speak. I’m focusing a lot of energy on the move from old, centralised Web 2.0 toward decentralised Web 3.0. I’ll explain this better in the coming weeks.

I have written, over on a Web 3.0 Travel Site called Travelfeed, a review of the HT6 Boutique hotel I stayed at in Rome (HT6 is really the name of the hotel). It ranks amongst the highest in Rome I’d say! Travelfeed is another site based on the Steem blockchain. That makes it de-centralised: the database of information into which my post goes is stored on multiple computers owned by many different people.

Unlike writing a review on TripAdvisor, when people like and share my review, I am rewarded with a small amount of the cryptocurrency Steem. That’s easily exchangeable for real money if I want. Here’s the start of the review:

I’ve just finished a four night stay in Rome at the HT6 Boutique Hotel in Rome with my two kids and my parents. I found this hotel on Hotels.com and reserved the rooms without a cancelation penalty.

The hotel has around 30 rooms and is located in the heart of Rome’s Jewish Quarter and right next to the impressive Rome Synagogue. The hotel is about 100m from a security barrier so technically taxis can’t drive right up to the door. On arrival in a big minibus for 6 people, the Italian Military Police (Carabinieri) allowed us to drive right up to the door. When we left, the bell boys carried our luggage out for us.

Travelfeed.io Read the rest.

There’s also been a huge amount of work done and progress made on our Crypto Class Action against the Tech Goliaths, but not all of it can be spoken of yet.

And here’s my latest video, a quick edit of drone footage (done on my phone, not my proper editing software on the computer.

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You can join the fight against the Tech Goliaths in two ways, you have a no win no fee claim or you wish to help finance the case.

⭐️ Please join the case if you held crypto and have a claim.

🏅 You can directly contribute crypto on Fundition. To send fiat currency via PayPal click here. If you want to talk about a large donation, Telegram or email me.

Shire Network News and Brian’s Forest now on iTunes

For the first time in years Shire Network News is back on the iTunes Podcast system. My periodic commentary, Brian’s Forest Talks, is also up as its own Podcast and there is a final, combined, feed that will carry episodes of both the Shire Network News archive and my chats interspersed as and when they come out.

Emails from Apple - podcasts are back on iTunes
Emails from Apple – podcasts are back on iTunes

If you derive value from my work, please consider donating some value my way. You can find all the details on the donation page.

It’s time to own my work

For the longest time I’ve published all over the web, on social media sites and blogs I don’t directly own. Finally I’ve set up my own site. There’s a lot of cosmetic work to be done but it’s important to start. I’ll also be cross posting the content to the Steem blockchain for safe keeping.