004 Podcast remembers Episode 4 from June 5 2005

Thanks to the amazing archive.org, we have the original show notes from this episode, as broadcast on 5th June 2005. This features the first ever “Full of Crap Report” from Laurence Simon. Got to love this episode: Global Warming makes an appearance in this episode too, because themes.

Mentioned in this week’s Shire Netwok News, the official podcast of Silent Running, Guantanamo Bay, who is really abusing the Koran there, Captains QuartersEmmett TillNatalie Solent, Dr Who, the welfare state, Tiananmin Square, a high profile defection in Australia, Workers World defends the use of tanks against students, Damian Penny, Mao Tse Tung, global warming, why the Antarctic ice shelf is getting thicker, the UK Union of Jewish StudentsMelanie PhillipsLaurence Simon, why Mahmoud Abbas is full of crap, La Shawn Barber and why black people aren’t rushing to become Republicans. Yet.

003 Podcast remembers Episode 3 from May 29 2005

Podcast talks about the #FakeNews with Aussie Dave in 2005

Includes interviews with Damian Penny and Aussie Dave from Israellycool. What’s somewhat distressing, listening to this back 13 years later is how we find very similar themes to those still being discussed.

Aussie Dave’s interview in particular (around 17 mins in) covers aspects of #FakeNews he was seeing all the way back then.

Podcast explains why 5G with low latency and high capacity is such a revolution

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