011 Podcast holds demonstration in Cairo from July 29 2005

Shire Network News Archive
Shire Network News Archive
011 Podcast holds demonstration in Cairo from July 29 2005

In this week’s edition of Shire Network News, the official podcast of Silent Running, Our Man in London brings us up to date on how the cops cornered and tasered one of the tube bombing suspects only hours after a particularly clueless Muslim cleric in Birmingham insisted there was no evidence Muslims were involved. Andrew says moderate Muslims are really starting to make their voices heard, and the local (Muslim) MP has called for the cleric to be sacked.

As always we bring you the Full of Crap Report from Laurence Simon, and our feature interview this week is with Egyptian blogger Big Pharaoh, who along with his buddy Egyptian Sandmonkey responded to the Sharm El-Sheikh bombings by staging an anti-terrorist demonstration in Cairo. An anti-terrorist demonstration in Cairo!

Okay, it was relatively small, and they were eventually moved on by the police, and bureaucracy appears to have stymied their efforts to hold an even bigger protest at Al Azhar Park, but the Pharaoh says there’s a lot of changes coming in the Middle East, and if you listen to this podcast you’ll hear about some of them. For gods sake don’t miss his ringing personal endorsement of a certain leading Anglospheric political figure!

Oh yeah, some guy called Kiwi Bob shows up and talks about some blog he writes for. It’s called Silent Running or something. I’ve never heard of it, personally.

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