Israeli Healthcare, does it work?

Interior Assuta Hospital, Tel Aviv, Israel
Assuta Hospital, Tel Aviv, Israel

Over the last week and a half I’ve had a pretty good experience with the Israeli state healthcare system. I’m fully aware it has failings, but I think the topic for tomorrow’s Forest Talk podcast will be when and why government should be in healthcare.

I’ve lived in the UK and used the British National Health system and private medicine in the UK. I’ve paid for health insurance in the US and used doctors there. Israel’s system of a hybrid private and public system is the best I’ve come across so far.

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Except only the rich are really getting good service, if you have only the state health care, you will not get operations in timely manner with good doctors. Many die while waiting, others cannot get the drugs they need since the state won’t pay.
If you are rich and can afford private insurance, you will be protected if anything happens

Damaris Tighe

I’ve experienced both the UK and the Israeli health systems. The Israeli is better. It allows competition, choice and is amazingly cheap. It also avoids waste as paying even a small, highly subsidised fee at the point of use concentrates the mind wonderfully.

Colleen Walker

Australia has a hybrid public & private health care system, too. Nobody goes without healthcare.

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