The complete suppression of Truth. Tommy Robinson is a canary. How do you kill 11 Million People?

You can also see this on Periscope. I’m really not sure I want to put this on YouTube.

Alternative Embed on 3speak:

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[…] The Soviet Union was an evil empire. It seems not everybody in the west today understands that, even someone who has spent the last few years researching a gigantic failure of that evil empire and the lies told about the Soviet Union are still affecting the people today in very dangerous ways. […]


Hi Brian I do follow your Twitter (not logged on to twitter), but cant comment there. I see you no longer Mirror YT on Bitchute… which is a shame. I am making a point of using Bitchute in preference to YT where possible. Don’t CHOSE to be a victim of big-tech censorship. Obviously Tommy Robinson is being viciously and maliciously lied about, and his own message censored, but.. The TRUTH about Tommy is still readily available online. From New Zealand I managed to follow his campaign/watched videos every day. Fakenews stories were thus exposed and laughable. The people of UK,… Read more »

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