018 Podcast blames Hurricane Rita on Bush from September 24 2005

Shire Network News Archive
Shire Network News Archive
018 Podcast blames Hurricane Rita on Bush from September 24 2005

First Broadcast September 24, 2005: In this week’s edition of Shire Network News, the official podcast of Silent Running, Laurence Simon explains staying put in hurricane-threatened Houston was preferable to being stuck in the worlds biggest traffic jam with three angry cats and no food. Our Man in London provides us with the bstartling intelligence that it appears to be raining. Raining? In Britain? MI6 are reportedly working the angles on that right now.

In Blog News, the seige of Helengrad continues, still no word if last Saturday’s assault on the walls was successful, but it’s not looking good, NZ Pundit, David Farrar’s KiwiblogSir Humphry’s , why Dennis Kucinich, Al Sharpton, Howard Dean and Wes Clark just can’t cut it in the crazy stakes with foirmer Australian opposition leader Mark Latham, Tim Blair, Cindy Sheehan, the Google empire targets blogs for their nefarious scheme to offer us free and useful services, the bastards, why Singaporean bloggers are staring down the barrel of sedition charges over comments about dogs, the correct way for Christian to apologise to Muslims according to the Anglican church, Melanie Phillips, and finally a little something for all the lovers out there…

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