Podcast explains how The Economist gets Israel so wrong in one paragraph

Not content with smearing Ben Shapiro as being some sort of alt-Right leader instead of one of its most hated targets, The Economist is consistently maliciously wrong about Israel. In today’s podcast I deconstruct the following paragraph from their article about Israel’s forthcoming election.

This is the Eurabia edition of The Economist I remember and talk about here.

Tell me who was right and who was wrong.

Watch: a good start to understanding what Cultural Marxism is

I’ve used the term Cultural Marxism quite a bit but I’ll freely admit, I haven’t done the in depth study of the last 150 years of philosophy that one truly needs to understand it. Neither has Sargon of Akkad (though he’s studied more than I have) but he properly discusses the limits of his own knowledge here in a very interesting discussion.

As a commenter on the video writes, “Funny isn’t it, how cultural Marxists don’t want people to know about cultural Marxism?” – This reminds me of Islam and dhimmitude. One of the rules of dhimmitude is that the kuffar, the conquered dhimmis, shouldn’t be allowed to study Islam.

Tommy Robinson and Sargon of Akkad.

Watch all of this. State Persecution, Cambridge court case, deplatforming and the Nazi punching story.

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