I’ve opened accounts on VK.com and Uptrennd

I’ve decided, as a policy going forward, that when I open a significant new account I’ll post a confirmation here at Brianoflondon.me which will then be written to the Hive blockchain.

If you’re ever concerned that there is a Brian of London account and you want to know if it is me, this is the place to check.

Vk, Logo, vkontakte, social network, social media ...

I’ve got a new “page” on VK.com: https://vk.com/brianoflondon

My Uptrennd account is: https://www.uptrennd.com/user/OTIxMDg=

My Hive account: https://hive.blog/@brianoflondon

For reference, this account at KeyBase contains links to other significant sites: https://keybase.io/brianoflondon

If you derive value from my work, please consider donating some value my way. You can find all the details on the donation page.