Podcast asks why Somali families aren’t in jail for contempt like Tommy Robinson

This week I’m talking about a case from 2016. Some of the headlines from the case are below the video. It’s pretty clear this case has everything that Tommy Robinson’s case has except the people committing far worse “contempt of court”, as it was redefined in Tommy’s case, were not arrested or prosecuted. Yet another glaring example of how the British Justice system treats anything to do with Islam with as soft a touch as they possibly can.

Mum of girl, 16, raped by three Somali men tells how their 50 friends and relatives harassed her during trial (link)

Family of teenage gang rape victim reveal FIFTY friends of sick Somali men ‘harassed them (link)

A private school girl, mothers who excuse gang rape and a terrifying culture clash no one dares talk about: How Somalian men are living by their own laws… and causing devastating repercussions in Britain (link)

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Podcast says Tommy Robinson was jailed to hide the scale of Jihad Rape Gang crimes

From Friday in the park I recorded this. I’m more convinced than ever that “reporting restrictions” on UK court cases are disproportionately applied and enforced for Jihad rape gangs. There is no quantitative data on this because, despite recommendations to the contrary, the UK Government refuses to set up a central database of cases with reporting restrictions. It was confusion over what specific restrictions were in place in Leeds that led to Tommy Robinson’s conviction on at least one of his counts.

This is the full quote from Maggie Oliver as published in the Daily Mail:

After six months, everything was falling into place. We had DNA proof. We had detailed statements. Amber had identified eight abusers in her very first video identity parade and would soon be picking out the rest.

So why was it, then, that when I delivered all this spectacular news to my bosses, I sensed something wasn’t right?

They should have been ecstatic. Instead, it felt like someone had died.

As I pondered over this, a senior officer turned to me. ‘Maggie, let’s be honest about this. What are these kids ever going to contribute to society?’ he said. ‘In my opinion, they should have just been drowned at birth.’

You can email Tommy using the site emailaprisoner.com and the following details:

Prisoner Name: Stephen Yaxley Lennon
Prisoner Number: A2084CG
Prison: HMP Belmarsh
Western Way
London SE28 0EB

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