TR.News explains what happened with Shazia Hobbs

Over the weekend, the team at TR.News produced a devastating video and article addressing the removal of, first, an article by Shazia Hobbs and then all her articles from TR.News. This is not something I was directly in charge of but, for reasons I’ll set out later, I must agree with.

Here’s the start of the TR.News article:

TR.News – Addressing Nationalism And The Elephant In The Room. Everyone is aware of a fallout between the TR.News team and Shazia Hobbs, today we make our point and carry on the good fight for Tommy.


Race-based politics is not something either Tommy or ourselves here at TR.News has ever supported. Sure issues need to be addressed with the forgotten and downtrodden white working class. We will always recognise that fact, and we will always fight for that cause. However, we will do it in a way that understands and respects Tommy’s way of doing it. What we won’t do; is sacrifice our loyalty or our love for country based on racially motivated demagoguery. That’s never been Tommy’s way; it never will be Tommy’s way.

Our fight is with ideology, not skin colour.

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