Confirming no journalism at BBC Panorama when trying to Take Down Tommy Robinson

Yesterday morning, afterTommy Robinson had tried to talk to the far-left activist Mike Stuchbery following his online cheerleading for the gang that went to Tommy’s house over the weekend, Mick Stuchbery was spotted being interviewed by BBC Panorama in a park in Luton.

BBC Panorama interview Mike Stuchbery, Luton, 5th March

Last night US independent journalist and online investigator, Nick Munroe, published a series of devastating tweets highlighting Mike Stuchbery’s glee at the prospect of others committing violent acts. Especially if this violence and hatred is directed against Tommy Robinson or anyone else who dares to disagree with Mike Stuchbery’s extremist, far-left ideology.

So how do you know BBC Panorama aren’t journalists? Watch the video to find out.

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