I watched the final part of HBO’s Chernobyl

Chernobyl reactor explosion screen shot

But I’m going to have to listen to the whole accompanying podcast before I make a video. You can read my prior thoughts here.

It’s clear the direction the writer Craig Mazin is pushing: lies about science are dangerous. The only problem is, we live in an era where “science” is somehow presented as a bunch of completely unreliable computer simulations of system far to big for man to understand.

A nuclear reactor, on the other hand, is easily within our grasp to understand: which is why we have built them and only one has ever blown up! And the one that blew up, as is beautifully explained in the TV program, blew up for totally predictable reasons. The problem was those reasons weren’t known to the poor guys in the control room pushing buttons.

All in all Chernobyl was a magnificent documentary/drama. But the slavish, ideological left, who think that you can even utter a ridiculous phrase like “I believe in science”, will use it to further drive themselves into a disastrous set of religious beliefs in something that long ago ceased to be reliable, repeatable, testable SCIENCE.

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