Reactions to Tommy Robinson’s Panodrama

Right at the end of the post is my special gift: a remastered, multi-camera version of Kelly Day singing How they Rule Ya with enhanced audio, but first….

I made a short podcast and video based on the reactions to Panodrama on Sunday. I wanted to add a few videos that really show what Tommy’s crowd was like and the absolute insanity of the far-left, Hope not Hate inspired zombies who turned out to oppose him. First up is Avi Yemeni’s great little video.

I also enjoyed the contrasts in Godless Spellcheker’s video between Tommy Robinson supporters who can articulate real, solid grievances and reasons for attending vs the so called anti-fascists who are uniformly clueless.

This was sent to me concerning the Godless Spellchecker’s video:

It is nominally impartial, but captures the bigotry and misinformation emanating from the left; at 3.30 an idiot declares of ‘the fascists’, “the first people they go for are the socialists and the trade unionists” – clearly not familiar with the National Socialists – before “it ends up with the gas chambers and the extermination camps.” This appropriation of anti-Semitism, by people aligned with Labour and Momentum who actually perpetrate it, is a worrying recent development. Then at 7.00, a young moron shows his opposition to fascism by insisting that Tommy Robinson “is a terrorist and his band of fascists should be… locked up and taken off our streets”. I saw these people, waving Communist Party flags, and would have spoken to them myself but I’m not confident I would have kept my temper. The other video I’ve watched this morning also makes the insupportable and possibly slanderous link between Tommy Robinson and anti-Semitism (like you, I’m not keen on real Nazis and tend to be reasonably good at spotting them; nothing I’ve ever heard or seen of Tommy suggests he is – didn’t he recently declare himself a Zionist?!).

If you’re looking for a good, straight, written piece on Panodrama and its implications for the UK’s state broadcaster, James Delingpole has provided an excellent piece in Breitbart:

Did you see that shocking BBC Panorama documentary about the bullying, Soros-funded, far-left, anti-freedom of speech propaganda group currently touring British schools with the Government’s approval, turning kids into brainwashed progressives who believe that “Islamophobia” is a bigger threat than radical Islam?
No. And you never will.

That’s because instead of holding these far left thugs to account, the BBC considers them to be allies, fellow travellers, kindred spirits. Hence the disgraceful allegations that the BBC’s flagship documentary series Panorama got in bed with one such organisation — HOPE Not Hate — in order to carry out a hit job on Tommy Robinson.

Delingpole: Has Tommy Robinson Exposed the BBC’s Dangerous, Far-Left Bias?

Next on the parade of hate from the far-left are these tweets from blue tick verified Guardian writer, Hannah Jane Parkinson. She, obviously, has never spent much time studying Tommy Robinson but she can say, as an absolute FACT that Tommy is an “antisemite”. Obviously Jews who have spent time with Tommy, such as Avi Yemeni or myself are unable to detect Tommy’s fictional Jew hatred as well as Hannah. There’s a screenshot, obviously, because she may well realise that having stated something as a “fact” she has no defence that she was stating her opinion.

If her point was that Tommy doesn’t like associating with Jews or music by Jewish authors then this reply tweet rather sums up her insanity.

You can’t fix stupid but you can sue for libel.

The BBC’s official response from Panorama is worth including:

Obviously, like all of the far-let, they’re completely obsessed with “real name blah blah blah” and they’re still claiming that one day they’ll broadcast a Panorama about Tommy Robinson. That may be, but I’ll bet with anyone who want to that nothing which features anything from this Hope not Hate production will come out in the next 3 months. They may try again, but this production and these methods are burned.

This is going to drag on because The BBC doesn’t know when to throw their hand in and fold. Good. It will be an open sore we can pick at.

A dishonourable mention also goes to this MEP nobody’s ever heard of who also trotted out the usual insane ramblings of far-left zombies who’ve never studied Tommy Robinson and will believe any propaganda that Hope not Hate put out.

And after that ugliness we’ll end with some beauty! How They Rule Ya (Yes, Hannah, it’s a version of Hallelujah by the Jew (((Leonard Cohen))) we all know that. Performed by Kelly Day from Canada. This is my own video mash up from two sources and with a re-mixing of the sound for a bit more presence and liveliness!

The state of far-left Hope Not Hate’s attack on Tommy Robinson and the British people

Hope not Hate’s website always features best selling author, Tommy Robinson, prominently. He is the number one bogeyman they use to justify their own dangerous existence.

This week was supposed to be a huge week for far-left Hope Not Hate: they will launch their annual “State of the Far Right” report. Simultaneously they had planned for their puppets at the BBC to screen a BBC Panorama “documentary” which they were involved in directing (something that shouldn’t happen). Tommy Robinson’s #Panodrama has already stoped this.

Hope Not Hate screenshot. Hope not Hate’s website always features best selling author, Tommy Robinson, prominently.
Hope not Hate’s website always features best selling author, Tommy Robinson, prominently. He is the number one bogeyman they use to justify their own dangerous existence.

Fortunately best selling author Tommy Robinson managed to send people undercover to reveal the journalistic malpractice at BBC Panorama. This will be fully revealed in his Panodrama documentary outside BBC’s offices in Manchester on 23rd of February. This has also meant the BBC will no longer be able to broadcast a project they’ve been working on for months because of a pre-emptive legal threat from Tommy’s lawyers. In advance of them even completing their TV “documentary” working title: “Tommy Take Down”, they’ve agreed not to showing it this month.

Nevertheless, in the coming days you’re going to see dozens of mainstream UK Press articles based on a report compiled by far-left communists at Hope Not Hate, the UK’s junior version of America’s widely discredited far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Both organisations regularly issue reports which are riddled with abysmal research, lies and journalistic malpractice. They both sit at the heart of networks funded by the largest far-left benefactors such as George Soros: his organisations directly quote from these two often.

The first I’ve come across is by Mark Townsend in the far-left Guardian. He is the “Home affairs editor of the Observer” and “Press Awards news reporter of the year.”. It would appear his skilz extend all the way to re-writing press releases and putting out hagiographic reports about far-left Hope Not Hate. In his piece from Saturday 16th Feb there isn’t a single word or quote to challenge Hope Not Hate.

These reports always centre on a “poll”

A survey of UK attitudes, commissioned by anti-fascist group Hope not Hate, found that 68% of people felt there was not a political party that represented them, up from 61% when the same question was posed last July.

By contrast, the reach of far-right personalities can be large, with nearly four in 10 revealing that they had watched or heard one of Tommy Robinson’s videos on social media, although only 6% of Britons have a positive view of the former English Defence League (EDL) leader, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.

“We are facing a crisis of growing political mistrust across all sections of the population, with no figure able to galvanise the support they need to overcome this disconnect,” said Nick Lowles, chief executive of Hope not Hate. He added: “A mistrust in political representatives adds potency to a mix of unmet expectations, broken promises, and possible further decline and anger.”

Source: Disillusioned Britons turn to far-right ‘popular front’

This line “6% of Britons have a positive view of” Tommy Robinson is a good example of how these snakes work. If the full report reveals the interview questions I’m sure we’ll find this 6% comes from a question such as “what is your view on far-right convicted fraudster, Tommy Robinson” positive, neutral, negative. It remains to be seen what the size of the neutral is. Regardless, the framing of the question will have been negative, it will have come following other negative questions and on top of a decade of demonising Tommy in the media.

The aim is to get Tommy banned from Facebook and all funding sources.

As you see these reports pop up this week, just remember what the aim here is. Hope Not Hate have the ear of government, the Police and all the elite organs of state. They are pushing to get Tommy Robinson banned from Facebook, his last significant social media presence and one that has grown massively. They want his sources of funds and access to fundraising from the people cut off (while they remain free to gather funds from billionaires and even government contracts).

If you see an article attacking Tommy and trying to push this discredited far-right explosion narrative, give it the contempt it deserves and, if you can, leave a comment explaining how you feel.

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