Steve Gibson’ s SQRL system now live on

I’ve opened this site up for user registrations and comments directly in WordPress and activated the brand new SQRL log in system developed by Steve Gibson of GRC and much discussed over the last six years on the Security Now Podcast on TWIT.

UPDATE: if you want to leave a comment with your name and an avatar (instead of the SQRL user-NUMBER) you’ll need to FIRST set an email address, go through the verification loop of that, then you can give yourself a nickname and chose that as your display name. Your Avatar will be pulled from the Gravatar site according to your email address.

If you have no idea what that is or means, you can read more on Steve’s site.

You can create accounts and log on here.

Would love to know how everyone gets on, this post is a good place for comments and we can chat over on Steve’s SQRL Forums here.