Tommy Robinson’s 3rd day suing Cambridge Police continues today

I’ve been following Ezra Levant’s twitter feed for news from the court. Yesterday he was reprimanded for giving too many opinions on Twitter while the case is ongoing. As this is not a criminal trial with a Jury, there probably isn’t a law his breaking by giving opinion based commentary and reporting as the case goes on, but he is respecting the wishes of the Judge in her court.

Because at the heart of the case Cambridge Police are trying to justify why a man wearing flip flops and with 3 kids under 12 with him posed a significant risk to the city of Cambridge.

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Podcast covers day 1 of Tommy Robinson vs Cambridge Police and Dhimmitude

BrianofLondon's Forest Talks
BrianofLondon's Forest Talks
Podcast covers day 1 of Tommy Robinson vs Cambridge Police and Dhimmitude

This show is a mix of feedback from the first day of Tommy Robinson in court suing Cambridge Police over his now infamous pub and city expulsion. The video of that expulsion, which Tommy first streamed on Periscope, I captured and reposted to YouTube has been shared far and wide. Multiple uploads of it and edits mean it has had millions of views.

The Dutch word I mentioned is “mierenneuken” which you could translate as nit picking if you’re being polite.

Tommy has refused financial settlements with gag orders in order to continue asking for a public apology and an admission that what the police did that day was wrong.

I also tell the story of Tommy refusing to pay what he called “jizya” – the tax paid by non-Muslim dhimmi subjects under Islamic rule – when the religious Muslim authorities at the Temple Mount wanted to charge him to borrow a shawl to cover his tattoos.

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