Telegram is where we’re at for Tommy Robinson, Sargon of Akkad, Alex Jones, Laura Loomer and other digital refugees

Now we have to see how long before Treason May in the UK and the various forces of Mordor in the USA, marshalled by Dark Lord Soros, call for Apple and Google to remove the Telegram App from their app stores?

Tommy Robinson Telegram 40,000 subscribers.

I had a feeling we’d see a movement to Telegram. I had seen it in use by some groups and when Tommy Robinson’s and my primary Facebook account were deleted in February I set up my channel and Tommy’s. It took a while to get him using it but once he did, the growth was astonishing. Despite the initial scepticism of Lizzie Dearden of the Independent not thinking his fans were “young” enough to figure it out. Obviously we’re nudging 40,000 subscribers now!

Yes, I did call the channel “Tommy Robinson’s Friends of Zuck” because I set it up the day that Zuckerberg’s Facebook minions erased Tommy’s page: at that time probably the largest and most active political page in the UK.

This list was not compiled by me. I don’t know everybody on it, I don’t endorse all their views. I’m not interested in hearing that they’ve ever said something you don’t like or they hold views and opinions you think I shouldn’t like. See note at the end.

Telegram channel list as compiled by Alternative News (thanks!)

I don’t vouch for their content though I do recognise most of them. If any of them:

  • are actual Nazis and parade around in the uniforms of the Third Reich or wave Swastikas;
  • you can send me well documented evidence of very obvious Jew hatred;
  • show me evidence of views derived from Culture of Critique that the “Jews control the media/banks/world”
  • evidence of theories derived from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (similar to above);

then I’ll think about taking them off my list. Even then I’ll think twice. As much as I abhor those things I’ve listed, in these days of extreme censorship I’m a free speech extremist. You can find Louis Farrakhan on your own without any help from me, however.

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Podcast talks censorship, Facebook, Tommy Robinson and Kay Wilson

To buy and read Kay Wilson’s astonishing book go to her website: The Rage Less Traveled. My brief thoughts about it are here.

To read more about and join the suit against Facebook and Google go here.

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Carl Benjamin’s letter to constituents: Sargon of Akkad explains a tweet

Reproduced from his Google Doc.

Dear constituent, 

I realised these unorthodox methods may seem alarming but please allow me to explain.

There is a particular kind of groupthink in Westminster that is not representative of the country at large. If you do not fit this mould then your concerns will not be given a fair hearing before the country. I am one of these people and I have principled opposition to what is happening in Westminster. 

In the case of this particular tweet, it was an ironic demonstration that Jess Phillips’ desire to regulate the internet had no definable boundary and would be extended to include comments that were offensive but not illegal (such as threats).

I crafted this tweet with the express intention of proving this point. The phrase “I wouldn’t even rape you” cannot be interpreted as a threat or a promise of action, it is literally a promise of inaction and yet is consistently framed as such. 

This tweet was deliberately crafted piece of political theatre with the understanding it would be considered immoral but not illegal. I specifically chose this phrase because I knew that the political gatekeepers in Westminster, who simply ignore anyone that they do not personally like, would not be able to resist this. 

I was purposefully pushing their buttons in order to guarantee their response, and at the time I felt that it was the only way i could even get them to acknowledge my existence. And one has to admit this has been a remarkable success.

The tweet did not violate twitters rules and I was not banned from twitter for it. 

Jess Phillips did not see that tweet initially, i had previously tried to engage with her and she had blocked me. I know that she was not offended by this because Jess Phillips is not a weak woman, as evidenced her appearance the following day on Victoria Derbyshire’s live show where she said that she did not care about this because she was in the garden playing with her children.

Hypocritically, Phillips subsequently wrote an article in the Telegraph complaining that “Twitter is siding with my abusers”, because they did not ban anyone’s account for threatening to not do something. 

I am sorry if you, the reader, are offended by this but I would like it to be known that I did not intend for this to come to your attention. I intended it to come to the attention to those in Westminster who are studiously avoiding any debate over the terrible ideas they hold and the damaging policies they implement. 

They would not listen and I felt I had no choice and I will not be apologising to them, because I knew they would not accept an apology in good faith. I am a liberal activist, and I did what I felt was necessary at the time to drive a conversation regarding censorship in the United Kingdom. I do not regret my tweet and I think it is worth considering why both the media and politicians are so interested in their personal offence, instead of the policies they institute or permit that violate human rights.

In this case that would be Section 127 of the 2003 Communications Act, the legislation responsible for Mark Meechan to be convicted and fined for uploading a joke to the internet.

We have come to a point in this country where jokes can now be criminalised. This was not the intention of the legislation but it is the consequence of it. 

Section 127 of the 2003 Communications Act must be repealed. 


Carl Benjamin

Podcast says Stalin could only dream of the power YouTube Facebook Twitter give modern traitors like May

My videos on YouTube that mention Tommy Robinson are being hidden and buried. The Unpersoning of Tommy Robinson is proceeding as planned. Also discusses the way in which Avi Yemini was blocked from entering the USA.

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Discussing just how amazing Beresheet and Space IL’s achievement was even though they didn’t land gently on the moon. And at the same time the USA was kicking my friend Avi Yemini out of the country and back to Australia!