Podcast thoughts on Tommy Robinson’s TR.News team video about Mark Collett Shazia Hobbs and Nazis

BrianofLondon's Forest Talks
BrianofLondon's Forest Talks
Podcast thoughts on Tommy Robinson's TR.News team video about Mark Collett Shazia Hobbs and Nazis

I really wish I didn’t keep talking and writing about this. Hopefully TR.News’s video on why Tommy hates Nazis (did we really have to say this?) and my video podcast here about the specific issues surrounding Shazia Hobbs will let us draw a line under this and move forward. I’ve already published here and here about this.

In essence Shazia wrote something that would be read as antisemitic. It could have been fixed relatively easily. The editor of TR.News knew all this and didn’t want it on Tommy’s site. He explained the issues to Shazia but she decided she wanted to stand by what she’d written and published it elsewhere. Once it was picked up and promoted by hard core ethno-nationalists and those with Nazi sympathies (no matter how well concealed they keep this) Shazia became a liability for TR.News and Tommy Robinson.

Thread by @brianoflondon: “The EDL as formed around Tommy Robinson was the first big protest movement to focus on negative and very real impacts of increasingly concen […]”

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Graeme the Guiri

A good video in it’s own lights but the issue has far from gone away. If the ‘chattersphere’ is anything to go by at least half of Tommy supporters are ‘Nazi friendly’, and Tommy Robinson buying into crypto Nazi ‘Replacement theory’ peddled by the likes of GI shows Nazis have every reason to believe that when the ticking Muslim timebomb goes off TR will fight civil war alongside them. And let’s look at his hand picked men who act for him while he”s inside:- Danny Tommo Supports the violent yellow vests street movement trying to bring down the democratically elected… Read more »

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