Tommy Robinson receives the prestigious Sappho Award from the Free Press Society in Denmark

This morning I tweeted that all the attempts to wipe Tommy Robinson off the internet may appear to have worked but its probably only the quisling elites who are fooling themselves into thinking Tommy went away.

Just because there isn’t one central place to see news of Tommy (beyond his website TR.News and the Telegram feed he controls himself), that doesn’t mean he isn’t reaching a large audience.

News Reports

Ruptly News report

This is the description RUPTLY put on their video, recording it here in case their video disappears (as these things have a habit of doing)

Former leader of the English Defence League (EDL), Tommy Robinson, was awarded a freedom of speech award by the Free Press Society of 2004 in Copenhagen on Saturday, as protesters demonstrated outside the venue.

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, received the ‘Sappho Award,’ a prize that according to the Free Press Society of 2004’s website is “awarded to a person who has shown uncompromising courage in the struggle for the free word.”

While accepting his prize, Robinson said “Silicon Valley, the alliance of globalists, Islamists and the far-left, are taking away our free speech.”

“The British establishment, I believe, they looked and saw the power that we had through Facebook, through social media,” Robinson said. “This level of censorship terrifies me, the control that Silicon Valley now has in controlling how people think.”

Protesters were seen gathered outside the venue where the award was given, holding flags and chanting slogans against racism and hate.

The Free Press Society, or Trykkefrihedsselskabet in Danish, believes “the biggest threat against freedom of speech currently comes from Islam” according to their website. The organisation gives its yearly Sappho award to prominent critics of Islam including author Douglas Murray, conservative philosopher Roger Scruton, Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, whose drawing of the prophet Muhammad drew international controversy in 2005, and Flemming Rose, who was responsible for the cartoon’s publication while editor at the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

Videos of the speech

Free Press Society’s original link (won’t embed)

Tommy’s original YouTube channel version is here, again this won’t embed.

3speak version on Tommy’s channel

TR.News YouTube Channel (new channel)

Ezra Levant’s livestream version from Rebel

This version is low quality but included here because it gained over 60,000 views before the high quality version was released.

Bitchute Version on Tommy’s channel.

LBRY version on Tommy’s channel.


Danish TV Show with Subtitles

Tommy’s backup recording of interview with print journalist

This was an interview with Denmark’s second largest newspaper, Berlingske which Tommy recorded.

Podcasts talks Tommy Robinson in Belmarsh and the long view on Trump, Soleimani and Iran

Brian of London
Podcasts talks Tommy Robinson in Belmarsh and the long view on Trump, Soleimani and Iran

Tommy Robinson was featured in a documentary by Ross Kemp on the UK’s ITV. You can see the whole documentary here on Bitchute if you wish. The first half of my podcast this week are my reactions to that show. I split this week’s show into two parts for the video but the podcast is one long show.

For the second part I dove headfirst into the fall out from the Soleimani strike a week before. I still think Trump knew exactly what he was doing and I go into some of the details on how these drones operate and why its likely the US had absolute knowledge of who they were hitting. This is the Tablet piece I talked about regarding proxy wars.

Syrian air defence is useless: it will never see Israeli or American planes, all it can ever do is shoot down civilian planes. It’s a shocking disaster that they even have that equipment.

Podcast says far-right attacks on Tommy Robinson and the dhimmi Jews on Melanie Phillips are all connected

Brian of London
Podcast says far-right attacks on Tommy Robinson and the dhimmi Jews on Melanie Phillips are all connected

Tommy Robinson is hated by the real far-right. I’ve written about it before as this crops up time and again. This doesn’t stop the rest of the mainstream and uninformed people from calling Tommy far-right! Insanity. TR.News has written about the latest attacks on him here and I talk about it today.

The saga of Melanie Phillips is best explained by her, here and here. This quote from the second piece sums it up:

The Muslim world is deeply jealous of the unique status of Jew-hatred as the ultimate bigotry. Some in the wider community are similarly jealous because they think it confers ultimate impunity for misdeeds. And that is a fundamentally antisemitic belief.

But the Jews who equate it with Islamophobia can’t bear the uniqueness of Jew-hatred either. That’s because in the diaspora, many Jews don’t want to be unique. They want to be just like everyone else.

They are frightened that uniqueness will make them the targets of hatred. So they deny the uniqueness of antisemitism, and thus its true evil.

And that’s why, although Jeremy Corbyn has now been defeated, the leadership of Britain’s Jewish community is itself marching it towards the edge of the cultural cliff.

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Podcast explains Pallywood in the UK and Tommy Robinson’s comments about Jew haters

Brian of London
Podcast explains Pallywood in the UK and Tommy Robinson's comments about Jew haters

In the show art for this show you can see the picture of the kid sleeping on the floor. This shot, meant to show the desperate horrors of the Britain’s state health system, the National Health Services (NHS) and it’s abysmal condition obviously all caused by the Conservatives. I contrast that with the case of Mohammed Al Durah.

If you really want to understand Al Durah, this set of videos by Richard Landes is ground breaking.

At the end Tommy Robinson is on to explain exactly how much respect he has for the alt-right, alt-Reich and the rest of the ethno-nationalists. Precisely none.

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Podcast deconstructs the Danish Facebook Tommy Robinson spokeshole massacre

Brian of London
Podcast deconstructs the Danish Facebook Tommy Robinson spokeshole massacre

Last week Tommy posted this full video from a Danish TV show questioning a Facebook Spokeshole all about the secondary effects of banning Tommy Robinson from Facebook. Specifically the observable fact that if you even mention Tommy Robinson by name, your post is likely to be removed. If you continue to do this your account will be deleted.

In this podcast I go over the transcript pointing out some of the astonishing details of what was said. The transcript comes from Gates of Vienna (one of the oldest and best counter Jihad blogs in the world). Many thanks to Tania Groth for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Here are some of the points I make:

  • Lotte is the first journalists to ask Facebook directly for the evidence of what it claimed he did to deserve to be removed.
  • Facebook haven’t ever produced screenshots of problematic posts and can’t produce them.
  • The claims made by Facebook can’t be confirmed by any journalists.
  • The process by which people are chosen to be removed is entirely internal within Facebook though they may consult “experts”.
  • No details of these processes will be provided to journalists.
  • Facebook wishes there were global rules for “hate speech”.
  • Facebook is not content to just apply rules against illegal speech, they must go much further and prevent people being harmed by “hate speech”.

Facebook is unfit to be running their network with the kind of power they have. My personal belief is that the world does not need it and Facebook is indeed a massive danger to all free societies. Centralised control and power such that Mark Zuckerberg wields, is too dangerous. I wrote more about Zuckerberg here.

If you’re interested in a legal effort to challenge Facebook (in a way that could inflict a financial blow on them which could threaten the existence of the entire company, take a look at this post.

The full original interview with subtitles is here on the Rair Foundation Website.

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