Podcast says far-right attacks on Tommy Robinson and the dhimmi Jews on Melanie Phillips are all connected

Tommy Robinson is hated by the real far-right. I’ve written about it before as this crops up time and again. This doesn’t stop the rest of the mainstream and uninformed people from calling Tommy far-right! Insanity. TR.News has written about the latest attacks on him here and I talk about it today.

The saga of Melanie Phillips is best explained by her, here and here. This quote from the second piece sums it up:

The Muslim world is deeply jealous of the unique status of Jew-hatred as the ultimate bigotry. Some in the wider community are similarly jealous because they think it confers ultimate impunity for misdeeds. And that is a fundamentally antisemitic belief.

But the Jews who equate it with Islamophobia can’t bear the uniqueness of Jew-hatred either. That’s because in the diaspora, many Jews don’t want to be unique. They want to be just like everyone else.

They are frightened that uniqueness will make them the targets of hatred. So they deny the uniqueness of antisemitism, and thus its true evil.

And that’s why, although Jeremy Corbyn has now been defeated, the leadership of Britain’s Jewish community is itself marching it towards the edge of the cultural cliff.

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