Steve Gibson’ s SQRL system now live on

I’ve opened this site up for user registrations and comments directly in WordPress and activated the brand new SQRL log in system developed by Steve Gibson of GRC and much discussed over the last six years on the Security Now Podcast on TWIT.

UPDATE: if you want to leave a comment with your name and an avatar (instead of the SQRL user-NUMBER) you’ll need to FIRST set an email address, go through the verification loop of that, then you can give yourself a nickname and chose that as your display name. Your Avatar will be pulled from the Gravatar site according to your email address.

If you have no idea what that is or means, you can read more on Steve’s site.

You can create accounts and log on here.

Would love to know how everyone gets on, this post is a good place for comments and we can chat over on Steve’s SQRL Forums here.

Podcast covers Tommy Robinson’s latest show trial and Kay Wilson’s book launch

BrianofLondon's Forest Talks
BrianofLondon's Forest Talks
Podcast covers Tommy Robinson’s latest show trial and Kay Wilson’s book launch

This week I’m talking about Tommy Robinson’s return to court after the first day. I’m also talking about the book launch by Kay Wilson of her book The Rage Less Traveled introduced by Col Richard Kemp.

People Are Starting To Notice JPB Liberty’s Massive Law Suit Against Facebook, Google and Twitter

Yesterday Andrew and I traveled a few minutes to meet up in Ramat Gan, one of Israel’s top business districts abutting Tel Aviv to visit startup Block TV and their beautiful studio and offices. Here’s the interview (you can also see it on their site).

Andrew laid out the case clearly and very well. He covered the basics of the actions taken by these companies and why Australia is such a good place to bring this case. I added some points about the deplatforming background of the social media Goliaths. If you want to deeply understand what’s really going on with advertisers dictating the moves of the tech Goliaths, you really should listen to this section of the No Agenda Show.

Back when Andrew first told me about this case, I told him to stop saying the case was worth $500Bn, nobody would believe him and he sounded like a Bond villain. As I’ve got deeper into the story I’ve realised that’s probably at the low end of what these companies have done. And when Facebook brazenly launched their Libra cryptocurrency, it became absolutely obvious that having destroyed journalism, and gobbled up global media advertising, these companies are fully intending to take over the world’s money supply.

Additional coverage in this round:

You can join the fight against the Tech Goliaths in two ways, you have a no win no fee claim or you wish to help finance the case.

⭐️ Please join the case if you held crypto and have a claim.

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