Podcast talks about responsible fairness at Google and JPB Liberty

BrianofLondon's Forest Talks
BrianofLondon's Forest Talks
Podcast talks about responsible fairness at Google and JPB Liberty

I’m discussing the latest Project Veritas video and linking that to the Mundia Modia theory I’ve spoken of before (read the essay here).

Unfortunately, and this is something I’ve always struggled with because of the naming convention my friend used, I probably inverted Mundia and Modia in the explanation! Mundia is the real physical world, Modia is the world of interpersonal relationships between people. I don’t really like his terms, which is why I explained them at the beginning! I’m more Mundian than Modian. I suspect that what makes Trump so interesting is his ability to excel in both Modian and Mundian worlds.

The Sargon of Akkad video I mention is here on BitChute.

There’s also a short little explanation of what it is to be an Indigenous Jew in Israel… because I got some comments while I was filming this live.

You can join the fight against the Tech Goliaths in two ways, you have a no win no fee claim or you wish to help finance the case.

⭐️ Please join the case if you held crypto and have a claim.

🏅 You can directly contribute crypto on Fundition. To send fiat currency via PayPal click here. If you want to talk about a large donation, Telegram or email me.

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Tarquin The Rotter

Best of luck with the JPB Liberty suit. I hope you cream the bastards. But on more mundane matters … 🙂 Mundia and Modia strike me as based on the Latin, mundus and modus, and they gel rather well, at least for me. But then I was born in the 1940s and so had Latin shoved down my throat at school for years on end. Fortunately I managed to regurgitate most of it. 🙂 By the way, Greek terms seem* more common to the hard sciences, physics particularly, than those derived from Latin. So, to rub it in, perhaps it… Read more »

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