021 Podcast hails victory at Trafalgar from October 23 2005

Shire Network News Archive
Shire Network News Archive
021 Podcast hails victory at Trafalgar from October 23 2005

First Broadcast October 23, 2005: In this week’s edition of Shire Network News, the official podcast of Silent Running, Laurence Simon goes violently ape on New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin’s arse. Sorry, ass. The reason? Sports. What else is going to really get Americans worked up? A natural disaster? Oh please…Our Man in London continues to taunt us with tales of teenage totty among the Tories, and our feature interview is with blogger Tex, of Whacking Day, about how to use the F-bomb to maximum effect, and strategic use of photos of the dead Che Guevara to drive lefties crazy. Ok, even crazier than usual.

Also in the program, confusion to the French as we celebrate the battle of Trafalgar; how easy it is to contract a case of Conservative Obsessive Compulsive Disorder by reading NROPro-Life Blogs and Info-Theory, all of which seem to believe that the Harriet Miers nomination to the US Supreme Court is the most important event since the cooling of the earth’s crust, assuming you aren’t one of those who believe the universe was created over a week only six thousand years ago or something; the Spectator gets medieveal on New Zealand’s arse; political blogs start calling the shots in the Ohio Senate race; how would Daily Kos fare if it were based in Tehran, where pissing off the mullahs by blogging can get you thirty lashes; “South Park” lampoons the media, who seem curiously reluctant to talk about their Hurricane Katrina performance now that the actual facts are emerging; and the Guardian get to keep using words like “militant”, “insurgent” and “activist” after one of their reporters gets handed back by kidnappers who realise he’s worth more to them alive than dead.

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