When Brian of London spoke to Scott Adams on his Periscope

Last night, while trying to cajole my kids to get out the door on time to go play D&D, I was listening to Scott Adams’s take on the forthcoming Middle East Peace Plan from Trump’s Administration and his views on Iran. Periscope has added a new feature where hosts can add people to their show so I pushed on the button to request to be added, it came as somewhat of a surprise when Scott accepted. Here’s the playback:

I’ve followed Scott ever since he went out early as a pundit and said Trump would win the Presidency. He was early, he stuck to his prediction and, more importantly, he had a solid reason why Trump did so well, one I found persuasive.

There is no doubt that Scott is an ally on Israel, but he shows a very common belief pattern regarding religious fervour. This is something I commonly see in people who are not themselves religious (any religion) and who haven’t studied Islam and the Koran very closely. Islam appears to be complicated but it really isn’t. “I have been ordered to fight all men until they say there is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet”. That farewell address of Mohammed, reportedly from his death bed, seems to aptly describe 1400 years of Jihadi conquest and expansion. Just after I finished talking to Scott, someone pointed me to a recent summary by Raymond Ibrahim of Islamic conquest. We’d have to be very unwise here in Israel to assume Iran’s Islam has completely changed its nature.

What I tried to convey is just how hard it is for born and bred Muslims to escape the mental programming of islam. Some do, but when it comes to the Mullahs in Tehran, one really does have to assume they believe what they say and they would destroy Israel if they could.

You can find the full original Periscope play back here on Scott’s channel.

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