How the media game is played: Tommy Robinson in The Sun

To date there has been an absolute complete media blackout on the Panodrama story. Tommy’s released a number of teaser videos which have all had hundreds’s of thousands of views within hours. As I said on Twitter: still the total mainstream media blackout. They are DESPERATE for the clicks and views these videos will get, but they daren’t take part in shaming the BBC. How long before someone breaks?

Tommy Robinson has a huge important story about the premier investigative journalism outfit of the BBC, Panorama, committing acts of incredible journalistic malfeasance as I pointed out yesterday.

Well they didn’t break, they used a different tactic. The Sun came up with a counter punch. Normally they have these stories sitting on the bench. I don’t believe for one minute that The Sun managed to get hold of Tommy’s private messages to a private chat with his mates all of a sudden. It would be far more normal that they secured the videos a while back.

How does co-ordination happen, any collusion?

The bit that puzzles me is how does the co-ordination happen? How do all the supposedly independent and fiercely competitive UK news sources all decide, with absolute lock step rigour, that nobody will even mention Tommy’s forthcoming exposé of the BBC or the public demonstration in Manchester on Feb 23rd for which people are already making travel plans! Any collusion perhaps?

Obviously the far-left, hate crowd are crowing about the contents of Tommy’s drunken banter with his mates but it’s all to no avail. This won’t land any blows on Tommy with those who support him, it won’t sway many neutrals against him and, right at this moment, it is driving traffic to his own Panodrama videos.

Here’s Tommy’s explanation video cut with elements of the teasers for the Panodrama takedown of Panorama that’s coming on Feb 23rd on a giant screen outside the BBC’s offices in Manchester. While trying not to cover Tommy’s news, and pushing out more fake news drama about a typical British lad getting drunk and drunkenly bantering with his mates, they’ve done exactly what they set out not to do: publicise Panodrama.

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Damaris Tighe

Sorry if I’m being dense Brian, but how does the Sun’s video of Tommy publicise Panodrama if the rag doesn’t mention it?

Brian of London

You’re not being dense, perhaps I should explain that better. Every time the media mention Tommy, a significant group of their readers who don’t normally follow him, wind up looking at his Instagram, Facebook or YouTube channels.

The glaring failure to mention the whole Panodrama thing, which is all you see if you look at any of Tommy’s own channels over the last week, will strike even the most normie people as odd.


“The bit that puzzles me is how does the co-ordination happen?” This collusion has clearly been going on for a very long time. I used to wonder how various news outlets not only reported the same thing at the same time, but also took exactly the same editorial line. It was too consistent to be coincidence. Then, during GamerGate, Milo Yiannopoulos exposed the existence of a secret mailing list which gaming journalists were using to co-ordinate their stories ( This story never appeared in the mainstream media, but I thought at the time that it was very significant. The existence… Read more »

Brian of London

The Podesta emails on Wikileaks showed the massive level of collusion amongst the press in the US to support Hillary. This is rife so it doesn’t specifically surprise me, but this is one of the most glaring cases I’ve come across in a long while.

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