017 Podcast announces “sacrifice tribal chieftain” policy on hurricane relief from September 12 2005

Shire Network News Archive
Shire Network News Archive
017 Podcast announces "sacrifice tribal chieftain" policy on hurricane relief from September 12 2005

First broadcast September 12, 2005: In this week’s edition of Shire Network News, the official podcast of Silent Running, the inside story on the tragic demise if our original site, the awful fate of those responsible, and the heartwarming tale of our British pluck, Kiwi fix-it-with-a-bit-of-number-eight-fencing-wire resilience and good old Yankee can-do spirit which has seen us indulge in an orgy of useless finger-pointing recriminations.

No wait, I’m sorry, that would be the various layers of government in the United States arguing over who is responsible for what happened in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Silent Running is already back in business.

SR contributor Kiwi Bob, a former New Zealand emergency service official, talks about how the disaster relief operation seems to have gone in New Orleans, and discusses what might happen if a massive earthquake hits the New Zealand capital Wellington. Here’s a hint – you’re on your own.

We’ll hear from Craig Ranapia of NZ Pundit about how next week’s New Zealand election will play out – his only actual prediction being the safe assumption that on Sunday the 18th there will be many, many hangovers across the land. Blogs mentioned in the interview include KiwiblogPublic AddressSir Humphry’s and Frogblog.Laurence Simon pays a very personal tribute to a Houston landmark (mentioning Michelle Malkin’s blog prominently), and finally Our Man in London takes us out with his band’s new single, “Cry Freedom”..

SNN will be taking a break next week, but will be back again, in two weeks time. Complete with “Blog News”, I promise.

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