013 Podcast issues multi-lingual threats to exterminate infidels from August 13, 2005

Shire Network News Archive
Shire Network News Archive
013 Podcast issues multi-lingual threats to exterminate infidels from August 13, 2005

Of note to modern day Shire Network News geeks: this show is the original source of the Blog News bumper clip! About 5 min in you can hear Tom pick it up and use it as we then did for all time.

In this week’s edition of Shire Network News, the official podcast of Silent Running, Our Man in London reports on a very British brouhaha over the former foriegn secretary’s funeral.

A “controversial” Australian historian (and when I say “controversial” I mean not a raving PC nutjob) Keith Widschuttle joins us to discuss the politicisation of history and how to resist it.

And the only New Zealand political party leader to also be an active blogger, Rodney Hide of the ACT Party previews his chances in the upcoming election.

And as always we bring you the Full of Crap Report from Laurence Simon.

Also mentioned, Sheikh Gazza, Lord of the Kyber, Little Green FootballsMEMRI, an alert commenter at Tim Blair’s blog, Chinese attempts to pretend they don’t have suicide bombings there, Internet Haganah and Jawa Report call bullshit on that, the Vietnam veteran who isn’t, a new report on why the Left is crazy and a summation of the various attempts to discredit it, and New Zealand blogs rumoured to be (gasp!) ACT Party boosters – NZ Pundit and Sir Humphreys.

We also have a challenge – send in a series of completely true and yet taken together highly misleading, facts about yourself, strung together in such a way as to make your life sound a lot more interesting that it actually is. Listen to the podcast for a couple of good examples.

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