007 Podcast talks Islam with a Pastor and Zimbabwe with a pundit from July 3 2005

Shire Network News Archive
Shire Network News Archive
007 Podcast talks Islam with a Pastor and Zimbabwe with a pundit from July 3 2005

First broadcast July 3rd 2005. Original show notes via Archive.org so don’t be surprised if some links aren’t working.

There are interviews with Pastor Danny Nalliah, of the Melbourne-based Catch the Fire Ministries who has been found guilty of villifying Islam, and with the Zimbabwean Pundit about the situation in his homeland and what web-based activists are doing about it.

Mentioned in this week’s…er, actually fortnight’s edition of Shire Network News, the official podcast of Silent Running, Sandra Day O’Connor’s resignation from the Supreme Court, how bad the shitfight over her replacement will be, the expected size of Senator Ted Kennedy’s head in mid-filibuster, the SCOTUSblog, why Ann Coulter would make a great Justice, Preident Bush’s amazing disappearing poll spike (it vanishes right before your very eyes!), Captains Quarters blog, the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, Desert One, Jimmy Carter, was Iran’s new President one of the hostage takers, Gateway Pundit, our Dark Master Karl Rove, Senator Dick Durbin, James Taranto uses a younger version of Andrew Sullivan to beat the MoveOn crowd, and anti-Martian xenophobia defeated in a Roosevelt-era interplanetary misunderstanding.

Also featured is our regular commentary, the Full of Crap Report, from Laurence Simon. Under new internet regulations, all podcasts must feature Laurence in some form.

To listen to the podcast (which you don’t need an MP3 player for, you can listen to it right on your computer) go here and click on the link to the latest program, Sunday, July 3rd, 2005.

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