Podcast tells how Beresheet crashes into the moon and Avi Yemini crashes out of USA

Discussing just how amazing Beresheet and Space IL’s achievement was even though they didn’t land gently on the moon. And at the same time the USA was kicking my friend Avi Yemini out of the country and back to Australia!

Podcast tells you why Tommy Robinson is on Telegram

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From Friday I discuss how Tommy Robinson’s team has set up a Telegram channel in the wake of him being shut down on Snapchat. Telegram has a strong track record of proving resistant to State Censorship. Despite its founders being Russian, they’ve fought a battle with Russia because they refuse to institute systems that would allow the Russian government to read users’ encrypted communications.

I also have a Telegram Channel, click on my picture above or here. This is a one way channel: it will send out notifications of new posts here and anything else I want to say.

You can contact me directly and privately on Telegram without knowing my phone number. My username is Brianoflondon.

Tommy Robinson’s Telegram Channel is here.

Podcast explains how The Economist gets Israel so wrong in one paragraph

Not content with smearing Ben Shapiro as being some sort of alt-Right leader instead of one of its most hated targets, The Economist is consistently maliciously wrong about Israel. In today’s podcast I deconstruct the following paragraph from their article about Israel’s forthcoming election.

This is the Eurabia edition of The Economist I remember and talk about here.

Tell me who was right and who was wrong.

Podcast covers day 1 of Tommy Robinson vs Cambridge Police and Dhimmitude

This show is a mix of feedback from the first day of Tommy Robinson in court suing Cambridge Police over his now infamous pub and city expulsion. The video of that expulsion, which Tommy first streamed on Periscope, I captured and reposted to YouTube has been shared far and wide. Multiple uploads of it and edits mean it has had millions of views.

The Dutch word I mentioned is “mierenneuken” which you could translate as nit picking if you’re being polite.

Tommy has refused financial settlements with gag orders in order to continue asking for a public apology and an admission that what the police did that day was wrong.

I also tell the story of Tommy refusing to pay what he called “jizya” – the tax paid by non-Muslim dhimmi subjects under Islamic rule – when the religious Muslim authorities at the Temple Mount wanted to charge him to borrow a shawl to cover his tattoos.

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022 Podcast discovers possible Islamist training camp in Virginia from October 30 2005

First Broadcast October 30, 2005: In this week’s edition of Shire Network News, the official podcast of Silent Running, Laurence Simon seems rather out of sorts over a statement from the Iranian President about relations with Israel. Terribly touchy those Hebrews, I find. The smallest threat to exterminate them with atomic weapons and they take so personally.Our Man in London Andrew Ian Dodge can’t decide whether George Galloway should be hung, drawn and quartered in the Tower of London, or shipped off the the USA so “Old Sparky” can be fired up again. Decisions, decisions…

The feature interview this week is with the married couple who write “Gates of Vienna”, Baron Bodisesy and Dymphna, who talk about their work in uncovering the existence of a Jaamat Al-Fuqra training camp in rural Virginia.

Also mentioned in the podcast, USA Today reveals the identity of a Goa’uld symbiote at the highest echelons of the US government (the knee high leather boots should have been a bit of a giveaway), Sir Humphry’s has the technical analysis of the revealing photo, and Michelle Malkin tracks the blog response to the revalation of alien control of US foriegn policy (the fact that we actually counterattacked after 9/11 should have been a bit of a giveway), Roger L. Simon congratulates the President of Iran on his candour, and we cross live to New York for the ringing condemnations of Iran’s threat to destroy Israel from the assembled Arab ambassadors, a black blogger puts a black politician he doesn’t like in blackface minstrel makeup and then gets all bent out of shape when Andrew Sullivan calls him on it, Verdondent blog wonders why suddenly the whole mainstream media started using the headline “Grim Milestone” like they were Pavlov’s dogs or something, LGF undercover operative Zombie infiltrates the wild celebrations at Moonbat Central when the good news about the 2,000th US death in Iraq came though (he has some of the most incriminating photos you’ll ever see), although Greyhawk brings us a different perspective from one of the fallen.

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