Podcast explains how The Economist gets Israel so wrong in one paragraph

Not content with smearing Ben Shapiro as being some sort of alt-Right leader instead of one of its most hated targets, The Economist is consistently maliciously wrong about Israel. In today’s podcast I deconstruct the following paragraph from their article about Israel’s forthcoming election.

This is the Eurabia edition of The Economist I remember and talk about here.

Tell me who was right and who was wrong.

Surface to surface missile destroys Israeli home

Just before I woke up this morning a surface to surface missile fired by terrorists in Gaza flew right over my home and millions of other people in central Israel and exploded with a huge boom in a moshav (village) to the north of Tel Aviv.

Here’s what these surface to surface missiles look like. Calling them rockets or (worse) “home made rockets” is lethal journalism, you’ll hear it a lot later.

This is the sound people to the north of me woke up to. You have to scramble to get your kids to a shelter if you have one in your home as modern Israeli homes do, or to a communal one. You may not get there in time. There was probably 60 to 90s warning.


Drone footage of the damage.

Ground shots of the damage.

Currently the reports say 6 people were injured including 2 babies.

Netanyahu was due to speak at AIPAC on Tuesday, he’ll cut that and fly back to Israel today. His political rival, Benny Gantz will probably stay on and speak today I’m guessing.

The lunatics and the Israel/Jew haters will start shouting about false flags and talking about the Israeli elections. The much more likely reason is that Gaza is a seething cauldron of anger against Hamas: massive demonstrations brutally repressed that you haven’t heard about over the last few weeks.

I’ll tell you something though, this tweet is not an uncommon view here.

Podcast tells you why everyone is wrong about Captain Marvel because of the HUGE plot twist – SPOILERS


I thought this was going to be a 3rd wave feminist overload movie but it wasn’t. I think the SJWs have captured the marketing department at Marvel but somewhere deep in the story writing parts, there are some real freedom lovers with a strong sense of moral history!

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Podcast asks why are Israel and Poland fighting each other?

I was nervous about filming this and stepping into this debate. I firmly believe there is a solid centre both in Poland and Israel that is being pushed around by two extremes.

In Israel (and much more strongly within the Jewish diaspora) there is a far-left, identity politics based contingent that must cling to its victimhood to maintain its position in the insane world of intersectional politics. On the Poland side there seems to be a correspondingly extreme contingent which is hyper-sensitive to the historical portrayal of negative aspects of Polish WW2 history.

I didn’t say it in the video, but I should have: the idea of banning people from saying that Nazi death camps in Poland were Polish death camps is the same sort of speech policing we see from the far-left with hate speech laws! Hate speech policing is bad whenever it occurs and from whoever it occurs.

Somewhere in the centre, where most of us reside, and I’d put Netanyahu in that camp but not our loose tongued and unwise foreign minister Katz, most of us can acknowledge the past without whitewashing it or overly condemning people who also suffered horribly at the hands of the Nazis whilst fighting back heroically.

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