Podcast asks is there something to learn from the Israeli Healthcare system?

Today’s podcast covers my recent experiences with the Israeli health system. I think there is a lot to learn: from booking a GP visit online; the efficiencies of the online systems for booking and results; fewer support staff than I remember from the UK; quick appointments.

The whole system isn’t perfect but even though the cost is somewhat obscured to the user at the point of delivery (just like in the UK system), to my eyes it seems to be run comparatively well.

Even though I’m nervous about my entire medical records being online, I must admit they make the entire system much more efficient and it is great to get emails a few hours after a complex test with a link to the full results.

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Israeli Healthcare, does it work?

Interior Assuta Hospital, Tel Aviv, Israel
Assuta Hospital, Tel Aviv, Israel

Over the last week and a half I’ve had a pretty good experience with the Israeli state healthcare system. I’m fully aware it has failings, but I think the topic for tomorrow’s Forest Talk podcast will be when and why government should be in healthcare.

I’ve lived in the UK and used the British National Health system and private medicine in the UK. I’ve paid for health insurance in the US and used doctors there. Israel’s system of a hybrid private and public system is the best I’ve come across so far.

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Podcast goes from Covington Catholic school to Indigenous Jewish Israel

Indigenous Jew Podcast art

The Hebrew Israelites seem to be the group that kicked the whole Covington Catholic schoolmess off but who are they? That leads onto the whole discussion of why Judaism and Jews are indigenous to Israel and what Jewish indigenous identity is all about!

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The tells of Jew hatred

twitter screenshot 10 tells of jew hatred

A tweet.

If you’re saying any of those things, chances are you’re not a friend of mine. I don’t use the term “antisemite” much, I prefer to say Jew hatred. Because reasons.

I said at the start these are “tells”. Here’s Scott Adams’s definition and explanation of what I really mean by that.

A tell, in this context, means an involuntary action that reveals a person’s inner thoughts in an unguarded moment. In the context of a poker game, a tell might signal a bluff. In the context of police work, a tell might signify a lie. In the context of hypnosis, a tell signifies a switch from rational thinking to irrational thinking. 

A tell in this context can mean you guessed the admin password for a human being. The tell is your feedback that the words you used got translated into a physical response. That is the hypnotist’s equivalent of A-B testing. The hypnotist tries an approach and watches for the subject’s physical reaction. 
Recognizing tells takes practice. The more tells you spot in your lifetime, the easier it is to find more. Your mind gets tuned to them. You recognize the pattern. You see them coming before they even happen, based on the trigger event. 

Complicating all of this is the fact that each tell has a false-positive explanation that will always sound plausible. The best way to estimate the odds of a tell being the real thing is by its proximity to a known trigger. If someone exhibits a tell symptom without a trigger, it probably just means you are talking to an idiot. And that happens less than you probably assume it does. All the rest of your “idiot” encounters are smart people experiencing cognitive dissonance and not realizing it.
And now for the list of tells.

The Tells (for cognitive dissonance)