021 Podcast hails victory at Trafalgar from October 23 2005

First Broadcast October 23, 2005: In this week’s edition of Shire Network News, the official podcast of Silent Running, Laurence Simon goes violently ape on New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin’s arse. Sorry, ass. The reason? Sports. What else is going to really get Americans worked up? A natural disaster? Oh please…Our Man in London continues to taunt us with tales of teenage totty among the Tories, and our feature interview is with blogger Tex, of Whacking Day, about how to use the F-bomb to maximum effect, and strategic use of photos of the dead Che Guevara to drive lefties crazy. Ok, even crazier than usual.

Also in the program, confusion to the French as we celebrate the battle of Trafalgar; how easy it is to contract a case of Conservative Obsessive Compulsive Disorder by reading NROPro-Life Blogs and Info-Theory, all of which seem to believe that the Harriet Miers nomination to the US Supreme Court is the most important event since the cooling of the earth’s crust, assuming you aren’t one of those who believe the universe was created over a week only six thousand years ago or something; the Spectator gets medieveal on New Zealand’s arse; political blogs start calling the shots in the Ohio Senate race; how would Daily Kos fare if it were based in Tehran, where pissing off the mullahs by blogging can get you thirty lashes; “South Park” lampoons the media, who seem curiously reluctant to talk about their Hurricane Katrina performance now that the actual facts are emerging; and the Guardian get to keep using words like “militant”, “insurgent” and “activist” after one of their reporters gets handed back by kidnappers who realise he’s worth more to them alive than dead.

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Podcast reminds you Tommy Robinson wasn’t even on Facebook or Twitter when the EDL grew

I tell you a little bit about the early days of the EDL and how it grew by word of mouth amongst groups of football club supporters. This was mostly offline and in real life in pubs and clubs across the UK.

I make reference to JPB Liberty’s enormous law suit against Facebook and Google in Australia. For more details you can visit their site. If you do sign on as a class member or even decide to contribute let Andrew know where you heard about it: Brian of London! Andrew and I recorded an explanatory video about the case which you can watch here.

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Killer Lord Ahmed now charged with attempted child rape

From the BBC:

A member of the House of Lords has been charged with two counts of attempting to rape a girl.

Former Labour peer Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, 61, is also charged with indecent assault of a boy under 13.

Prosecutors allege the offences took place between 1971 and 1974, when Lord Ahmed would have been aged between 14 and 17.

Two other men, Mohammed Farouq, 68, and Mohammed Tariq, 63, both from Rotherham, have also been charged.

All three men are due to appear at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court on 19 March.

Lord Ahmed charged with attempted rape of girl – BBC News

Notice how dry this piece is, it doesn’t go into any background details on Rotherham, home to some of the UK’s most prominent but certainly not only Muslim rape gang prosecutions. There’s an entire Wikipedia page on Rotherham’s rape gangs. You can also read extensively about Rotherham in Easy Meat. None of that detail fits in this article by the BBC.

Is this crime consistent with the “Child Sexual Exploitation” and grooming gangs? We don’t know from this reporting, it could be the victims were from his own family and thus nothing to do with the rape gangs: we just don’t know yet. I’m sure the trial will be covered in minute detail: no, it won’t.

It was also Lord Ahmed that called for 10,000 Muslims (a highly significant number from the Koran) to march on the Houses of Parliament if Geert Wilders was allowed into the UK. It’s likely that his threats of violence caused the Home Secretary to block Wilders entry (which was later found to have been unlawful). Geert returned to the UK successfully a few months later.

This is the same Killer Lord Ahmed who was convicted of causing death by dangerous driving (he was probably texting when he drove into a stationary broken down car and killed a man). The circumstances around how he wriggled out of a conviction for dangerous driving and was then released very early from his prison sentence smack of political string pulling.

He is also the same Lord Ahmed who I personally invited to a lunch time talk given by Bat Ye’or at the House of Lords in 2007! I personally printed envelopes and stuffed invitations to every member of the House of Lords and the House of Commons. I also invited a fair few of the media. We had a pretty good turn out for these kinds of events, maybe 50 or 60 and among the audience, much to everyones surprise was Lord Ahmed.

He sat and listened to Bat Ye’or’s presentation of her Eurabia thesis and at the end his arm went up to ask a question. The moderator (Edward Leigh MP whose office had invited Bat Ye’or to speak) called on him.

He gave a breathless and largely incoherent admonishment to Bat Ye’or: told her that everything she had said was rubbish (without refuting any facts) but he ended with something very clear:

“If that is your definition of an Islamist, madam, I am an Islamist.” – Lord Ahmed of Rotherham

And then he got up and left.

Her definition of an Islamist was pretty much the same one we use today: someone seeking to take over and rule the world, in this case using the political part of Islam’s political military complex.

So I think we should probably take him seriously when he puts a bounty on the head of the sitting and former presidents of the US and, in my opinion, ask Muslims world wide to go and kill them. Are you paying attention over there in the Secret Service? That’s a credible threat against the life of not one, but two of your presidents.

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[The end of this post first appeared on Israellycool here in 2012]

Peaceful Death Threats by Bosch Fawstin

Buy Bosch Fawstin’s new book!

Brian of London by Bosch Fawstin

I’ve known Bosch for a long time: specifically Bosch Fawstin drew my now infamous Brian of London avatar: I sent him a photo before I was prepared to put my real face online and he drew that fantastic cartoon of me (I paid him as a commercial artist). You can see his signature in the corner of my avatar.

You may also recognise his name: he was one of the principle targets of the two Jihadis who drove to Garland, TX, with assault rifles and body armour. Thankfully those two were stopped in the most amazing gun fight by a policeman armed only with a pistol who actually walked toward the two men, while shooting!

Stevens immediately drew his Glock 21 pistol and engaged Simpson with four to five rounds as Simpson fired at him and Joiner with the rifle.

As Stevens fired, he slowly advanced on the suspects from 15 yards away, pressing the attack on the pair as he fired “rhythmically,” obtaining a “decent sight picture” for each round. Stevens was conscious of the fact he had to make his hits count, and his deliberation was rewarded with the sight of Simpson falling to the ground and dropping his rifle.

Switching to the next threat, Stevens pivoted to the left and fired at the driver, Nadir Soofi, who also wore soft armor and LBE, and had a backpack and a pistol. As Soofi rounded the back of the car with his rifle raised in the firing position, his left side was exposed to Stevens, who drew careful aim and shot Soofi in the elbow, above the elbow, the side of the chest and the shoulder, as he continued to advance and fire at a controlled pace.

Cop shares gunfight lessons from ISIS-inspired ‘Draw the Prophet’ terrorist attack – PoliceOne.com

This story never achieved huge prominence and there is a ton more background to this at Jihad Watch (because Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and Geert Wilders were also the targets of this attack).

Podcast talks Facebook banning for Tommy Robinson and Brian John Thomas

Yesterday it happened. Facebook succumbed and banned Tommy Robinson (and me) on largely spurious grounds because they don’t like what is being highlighted. It’s hard to believe this wasn’t connected to his Panodrama video being viewed 1 million times in under 24 hours.

This video and podcast is a mash up of yesterday and today’s vlogs. I recorded this just before learning about the banning of Mohammed’s Koran.

One issue I raise here, what does the deletion of Tommy Robinson’s Facebook page mean for the case that the UK’s Attorney General is trying to decide on? The entire case rests on a Facebook live stream!

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