Making Lord of the Rings politically correct

This is a short segment from Shire Network News first broadcast in November 2006 just after the Democrats regained the upper hand in the US following the mid term elections in Bush’s second term. It is a parody speech from the Lord of the Rings talking about what would have happened had the armies for good been stopped before the final battle.

Oh how we foretold what the world would become when recording this more than a decade ago.

002 Podcast remembers episode 2 from 25 May 2005

This is the earliest episode of Shire Network News from Thomas Paine that still exists. Show notes have gone but the audio remains. This was first broadcast way back on 25th May, 2005

It’s time to own my work

For the longest time I’ve published all over the web, on social media sites and blogs I don’t directly own. Finally I’ve set up my own site. There’s a lot of cosmetic work to be done but it’s important to start. I’ll also be cross posting the content to the Steem blockchain for safe keeping.

Podcast explains why 5G with low latency and high capacity is such a revolution

I’m doing a fair bit of testing as I set this site up.

5g Phone
5g Phone


IPFS Hosted version of the Podcast

Local File

Locally hosted version of the Podcast
YouTube version of the Podcast