015 Podcast withdraws from Gaza from August 28 2005

First broadcast August 28, 2005: In this week’s edition of Shire Network News, the official podcast of Silent Running, Our Man in London talks about the BBC Panorama program which accuses allegedly moderate Islamic spokesmen of extremism, and the latest from the life and death struggle against the most insidious force for evil in the world today – Chris Martin and Coldplay.

We talk to Israeli blogger Dave, from Israellycool, about how the orange side of Israeli society view the Gaza pullout, and we get the blue and white perspective from Jewish political activist and former IDF officer Ted Lapkin. Dave has his own podcast by the way, which I personally reccomend.

Also mentioned, fact-checking the New York Times (now there’s a full time occupation), Condoleeza Rice, the blog Jewish Current Isuues, Mariam Sobh and her amazing fake Ariel Sharon quotes, National Public Radio, SolomoniaLittle Green Footballs, Genghis Khan versus a Unitarian prayer circle, Victor Davis Hanson versus Arianna Huffington’ the return to blogging of Australia’s own Magrot Kgnitson, her exceptionally relaxed policy on how much work you have to do to qualify for a four week break, why blogs are breaking the Egyptian government’s grip on information, 23 year old Cairo-based blogger Alaa FattahBig Pharoah, the reason why Jesse Jackson has that funky expression on his face courtesy of Meryl Yourish, and Harry’s Place.

And as always we bring you the Full of Crap Report from Laurence Simon.

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Podcast asks is there something to learn from the Israeli Healthcare system?

Today’s podcast covers my recent experiences with the Israeli health system. I think there is a lot to learn: from booking a GP visit online; the efficiencies of the online systems for booking and results; fewer support staff than I remember from the UK; quick appointments.

The whole system isn’t perfect but even though the cost is somewhat obscured to the user at the point of delivery (just like in the UK system), to my eyes it seems to be run comparatively well.

Even though I’m nervous about my entire medical records being online, I must admit they make the entire system much more efficient and it is great to get emails a few hours after a complex test with a link to the full results.

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Israeli Healthcare, does it work?

Interior Assuta Hospital, Tel Aviv, Israel
Assuta Hospital, Tel Aviv, Israel

Over the last week and a half I’ve had a pretty good experience with the Israeli state healthcare system. I’m fully aware it has failings, but I think the topic for tomorrow’s Forest Talk podcast will be when and why government should be in healthcare.

I’ve lived in the UK and used the British National Health system and private medicine in the UK. I’ve paid for health insurance in the US and used doctors there. Israel’s system of a hybrid private and public system is the best I’ve come across so far.

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