Podcast finds huge dishonesty surrounds calling Tommy Robinson and his views “radical”

Why does Maajid Nawaz get to call Tommy Robinson’s views radical and what part did Maajid and Quilliam play in Tommy’s vastly increased reach and the widening of his base of people who broadly support his ideas? Tommy’s interview with Sargon of Akkad can be found here.

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There’s all sorts of comments and conduct by TR that he can select to show what a moderate he is, but there are also comments and conduct that can show him to be far right. Recently he brought up ‘Replacement’. The far right conspriracy theory that there’s some evil plan afoot to replace the white race from their indigineous lands, usually trying to blame the Jews for it. If he thinks ‘white pride’ is s**t then he should distance himself from AMW who brings up ‘white identity/civilisation’ as her beliefs.