Podcast discusses how Tommy Robinson has hurt the feelings of rapists

Tommy Robinson charged with hurting the feelings of child rapists and the highest goal of Twitter is to protect snow flakes from hurt feelings. It’s all linked!

I was on Count Dankula’s show, you can find that here.

Tommy Robinson’s videos about his new charges from the Attorney General can be found here.

The Tim Pool, Joe Rogan and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey show is actually better explained on Dave Rubin’s show than the original.

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If what Tommy Robinson read out yesterday really forms part of the charge sheet against him, I really do need to revise my opinion of the Rt Hon Geoffrey Cox QC MP downward. Any innocent person on trial for sex slavery grooming offences would not be distressed by an activist journalist asked them ‘how are you feeling about your verdict?’ If an accused person responded ‘F**k your mothers fanny’, it would not be out of anxiety. It is an accused person’s choice if they want to make themselves look guilty or not, which unsurprisingly, transpired they were.’ Let’s see what… Read more »