Podcast asks why the total UK mainstream media black out on Tommy Robinson’s explosive Panorama expose videos

Tommy Robinson has caught the BBC’s premiere, flagship investigative news program, Panorama, trying to fabricate a hit piece on him. In reply he has set them up: they came to interview him and he turned the tables on them. He will reveal all his footage on February 23rd on a giant screen outside their offices in Manchester, for now he’s releasing little snippets.

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Background videos, Tommy Robinson and BBC Panorama

John Sweeny of Panorama sharing his views on what it’s like to meet a white, working class man in a green room at the BBC: a cannibal Amazonian or something from outer space.

Here’s Tommy, toward the end of the big reveal in the trap he set for the BBC where they thought they were coming to interview him and he turned the tables on them. He’s asking why the far-left, Soros and UK Government funded hate organisation “Hope not Hate” was present at some of the interviews conducted by the BBC for the making of this “independent” act of journalism. Watch the stunned silence from the producers.

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