009 Podcast blames West for anticipated anti-Podcast backlash from July 18 2005

In this week’s edition of Shire Network News, the official podcast of Silent Running, the Guardian’s “sassy” new trainee journalist, Dilpazier Aslam; the coming global Caliphate; blogger Scott Burgess weilds Google like a crusader sword; John Hawkins on why it’s possible to make gas from mustard; the War Room fact checks ABC on links between Saddam Hussein and terrorism; we have the London Report from Andrew Ian Dodge; we interview Thomas Haidon from the Free Muslim Coalition Against Terror on the Muslim response to the London bombings; the regular Full of Crap Report from uber funny blogger Laurence Simon; and an interview with blogger “Cyrus” who runs “Christian Hate”, devoted to combating modern Christian anti-zionism in general and the politicisation of the British charity Christian Aid in particular’ also mentioned by “Cyrus” are blogger/journalists Melanie Phillips and Stephen Pollard.

You can now subscribe to Shire Network News on Apple iTunes, although whether that remains the case after Apple hear what Lair says about them this week remains to be seen.

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