008 Podcast is shocked not shocked by terrorist attack in London on 7th July 2005

The 8th episode of Shire Network News was first broadcast on July 10th 2005, immediately after the multiple suicide bombings across London on the morning of July 7th by a gang of Islamic terrorists. The entire episode discusses this including the first appearance on SNN by Andrew Ian Dodge who became a regular contributor. Andrew passed away from cancer in 2014, may his memory be a blessing.

In this special edition of Shire Network News, there will be no blog news. Humour is inappropriate just now. We have a special extended interview with London-based blogger Andrew Ian Dodge, and the Full of Crap Report from Laurence Simon.

Also, there is a special introduction which hearkens back, not to the dark days of 1940, but to an even earlier episode of English history.

Blogs mentioned include Cold FuryDean EsmayHarry’s Place and Samizdata.

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