006 Podcast carries on dissecting social justice with Keith Thompson from June 19 2005

Mentioned in this week’s edition of Shire Network News, the official podcast of silentrunning.tv, Microsoft’s cozying up to Chinese governmental views on subversive words, Robert ScobleRebecca McKinnonGlobal Voices, Australian hostage Douglas Woods, Tim Blair, Sheikh Haj al-din al Hilaly and his amazing Iraqi hostage negotiation holiday, the Kyoto agreement, the New Zealand government, ZimbabwePundit, the Carnival of the Revolutions, Registan.netPublius PunditGayPatriot, the practise of “outing” gay conservatives, former Soviet political prisoner Pavel Litvinoff, James Lileks makes light of torture, Sir Humphrys, where to get your “I [Heart] Gitmo” t-shirts, Shire Network News runs its first competition, complete with valuable prizes, the Laurence Simon Full Of Crap Report, and San Francisco left-to-rightie writer Keith Thompson.

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