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BREAKING NEWS: Today Tommy Robinson’s Facebook page and Instagram account were deleted. My Facebook account was taken down.

The following accounts and sites are under direct control of Tommy Robinson and his close support crew:

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Al Jazeera

This video, of Tommy Robinson on Al Jazeera where the host tried to trick him with a quote from the bible, has been viewed on my page somewhere shy of 1 million times. It is mirrored on many other channels too. I created this version by INCLUDING a section which Al Jazeera chose to edit OUT of the broadcast. Tommy had Periscoped himself LIVE giving the interview.

Tommy in Israel

In November 2016 Tommy Robinson came to Israel on my invitation and toured with me. You can read an extensive write up of this at Gates of Vienna. There is also a well viewed video I did with Tommy at the end of his trip. My explanation for why he came can be seen in this video: Why did I tour Israel with Tommy Robinson? Nov 2016.

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