Value for Value

I’ve never made the primary purpose of my online writing, speaking, video making, blogging, podcasting or photography to be making money. But it is certainly true I’ve put a huge amount of work into it.

TL;DR – I put out just about everything I do. It’s not free for me: if you derive benefit from it, enjoy it, use it then consider sending me how much you value it.

I operate on the Value for Value model: this is beautifully explained by Adam Curry of No Agenda show.

There are many ways to do this.


The best way to support me, not the easiest, I know, and I’ll work on changing that. The advantage of Crypto is that it is very hard for this avenue to be cut off, either completely for you or for me. I’ll be adding more detailed instructions here soon.

Fundition is now my preferred method. Put an amount into the box at the top of the page, you can can send via Steem if you have an account or donations can be sent via PayPal. Other crypto accounts can be used and they come to me via the distributed social media site Steem which I’m active on. Click through to Fundition to support me on a recurring basis.

.ou can also download and use the excellent Brave Browser via this link which is based on Chrome but not evil.

You can subscribe via: SubscribeStar. If you want to join SubscribeStar, please use my affiliate link.

Direct Crypto accounts

Steem: I do encourage you to check out and join Steem. Getting an account on Steem costs a $2.50 if you want it immediately and I get a $.50 commission. Once on Steem you can send me “Steem” which can be converted to real money.

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I started off joining Patreon with a sort of joke about fixing my teeth. That’s not the full story of who I am or why I do what I do. Financial support from those of you who value the content I put so much time into really does mean a huge deal to me.

For years, and without seeking to make my living doing this, I’ve written, broadcast and spoken about the great issues of our times. I started off talking about Islam when I was still in London over a decade ago and could see how the UK was going to change. I moved to Israel and talked more about Israel because, frankly, Islam was a negative pressure.

Nowadays I’m trying to focus more on what we can do to broadly save Western Civilisation and Islam is one of the challenges we face. Unfortunately I picked the wrong century to give up talking about Islam so I guess I’m back to considering that, especially as I, early on, recognised the important role Tommy Robinson could play in the UK if he remains alive and free.

So today I’m tweeting, making videos and writing. If I reached a level of sustainable support that could pay me to fly around the world, I’d do that too but for now I’m mostly stuck in Israel watching the world through my computer screen.

If you chose to support me, I can’t thank you enough, as soon as I have a reasonable level of support I’ll get my teeth fixed, in the meantime, your pledge continues to inspire me to make videos and keep writing!